Since completing the programme I have started my own company

Jonny Wathen wearing a suit.
Jonny Wathen
Senior Leadership Master Degree Apprenticeship
CIO - TransforMATive
Having worked in the Education sector for a number of years, Jonny knew he wanted to add to his CV with further professional training but it had to be at the right time and the right course.
Jonny Wathen wearing a suit.

Taking the first step

When I looked back at my CV and my achievements during my career, the last substantive professional training I had was my PGCE a few years ago.  I always knew I wanted to develop my skills further but I had not had the chance to undertake a masters. I also knew it needed to be the right course as well as the right time for me professionally and personally. On reflection, I am glad I undertook the course when I was in a sufficiently senior role as this enabled me to apply learning throughout the programme.

I was now at the point in my career where I had the headspace to think about what I wanted to do and with this programme offered as an apprenticeship, it really appealed to me because of the applied learning aspect.

An EMBA delivered by a Triple Crown accredited Management School

Having taken the decision to look at options available to me, I wanted to ensure I was getting value for money, as this was important to me and my employer who was funding the programme via the apprenticeship levy.

I have lived in Yorkshire for a number of years, I recognised University of Sheffield as a good provider and the EMBA is delivered by the Triple Crown accredited Management School. I did consider a number of other providers, closer to where I live, but another important and deciding factor was that a couple of colleagues were looking to do it so we wanted to share the experience and the benefits of learning at the same time.  After sitting down together and reviewing our options, we decided Sheffield was the right fit for us all.

The course met my expectations; it was what I thought it would be. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to network with likeminded peers whilst learning knowledge in areas such as economics and finance alongside advancing my understanding of big data analytics.

Jonny Wathen

Applying the learning and knowledge

Since completing the programme I have started my own company (TransforMATive) and having previously worked for an organisation where processes and functions are in place, being able to draw on the knowledge and skills I learnt on the programme, which has been hugely beneficial for the next chapter in my career.

Not only has the programme benefited me personally, but also I am pleased I had the opportunity to work with colleagues in my previous role at a time when we were reviewing the company strategy and was able to use the learning to influence and shape their future vision.

Changing the perceptions of an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship might not be the route people first think about when looking into options for this level of professional development, so it has been great to try to change the perception of what an apprenticeship is within the organisation and show there are a number of different pathways open rather than just the ‘traditional’ routes.

Having lived the experience, it is the same academic pathway as an MBA, it is fundable via the levy and it's applied learning. I would highly recommend it to others.

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