I really enjoyed the combination of theory and practical application, hands-on learning opportunities and the supportive atmosphere

Liam Priestman alumnus
Liam Priestman
Undergraduate alumnus
BA Accounting and Financial Management
Liam Priestman, who graduated from BA Accounting and Financial Management in 2021, is now working as a Data Analyst at HH Global.
Liam Priestman alumnus

I chose Sheffield University Management School for its excellent reputation, knowledgeable teaching staff and diverse student body

Studying in Sheffield offered a great balance of academic rigour, practical experience and cultural exposure. The education I received at Sheffield has well-equipped me for a successful career in business and management.

The city has a rich cultural heritage and the University provided plenty of opportunities to get involved in clubs, societies and extracurricular activities. The easy access to the Peak District was a big plus and I enjoyed the city’s outdoor activities, especially with my dogs.

My most memorable moment was being a Student Ambassador for the University

I had the fantastic opportunity to represent the University to prospective students. It was an honour to share my experiences and help others understand why Sheffield is a great place to study.

As a result of all my curricular and extracurricular activities, I was able to make the most of my time at the School and develop a strong network of friends and contacts.

I feel grateful for my time at Sheffield and well-prepared for the future

I have so many cherished memories and experienced a strong sense of community at Sheffield University Management School. On the Accounting and Financial Management course, I really enjoyed the combination of theory and practical application, hands-on learning opportunities and the supportive atmosphere.

The course helped me to become a skilled Data Analyst. The critical thinking and analysis skills I developed at Sheffield have been invaluable in my current role, allowing me to make informed decisions and effectively communicate data-driven results.

My role as a Data Analyst is challenging and rewarding, and I enjoy using data to help organisations make informed decisions

As a Data Analyst, I collect, process and analyse data to uncover insights and provide data-driven recommendations. I work with stakeholders to design analysis plans, use various tools and techniques for analysis, and communicate findings to stakeholders.

My biggest achievement as a Data Analyst was streamlining a client’s data collection and review process, saving time for many employees and improving work efficiency. I analysed the process, identified bottlenecks and used data analysis techniques to optimise it. The project showcased my problem-solving skills and demonstrated the value of data analysis in improving processes. I felt proud of the positive impact I made for the client and employees.

I am enjoying my current role and the current working environment has brought with it the opportunity to work remotely. This leaves open the possibility of working from anywhere in the world which is an idea I find particularly interesting.

My advice for future Accounting and Financial Management students

Utilise the University’s many resources, including the state-of-the-art facilities, expert teaching staff and hands-on learning opportunities.

Sheffield has a strong student community and is home to many companies and organisations. Network with peers, attend events and workshops, and connect with industry professionals.

Get involved! The University of Sheffield offers many clubs, societies and extracurricular activities. Get involved to meet new people, develop new skills and have fun.

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