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Mr Abiodun Akintebi
Management School

I have worked in different organisations in various sectors across Nigeria and the United Kingdom. In Nigeria, I have worked in organisations including audit firms, banks, insurance companies, pensions and asset management. In the United Kingdom, I have worked in consulting firms and charities. My speciality spans across auditing, risk management, internal control and compliance.

During my working experience, a major observation was that, despite the enormous resources deployed in enhancing the reporting of organisations, the incident of corporate failure has not declined. Efforts have been channelled by accounting professional bodies, accounting standard setting bodies, regulators, and diverse scholars in addressing the menace of corporate collapse. However, financial scandals and corporate collapse has not abated. Audit profession has come under scrutiny in recent time due to the incessant failure in corporate entities. This has resulted in professional liability, in addition to the reputational damage suffered by audit practitioners.

The concern on the implication of this problem drives this research to undertake a root-cause study which considers the reality of accounting, the complexity of financial measurement, and socio-political nature of accounting standard setting bodies with the aim to identify the reasons auditing failed to address corporate failure.


Degree in Accounting - University of Benin, Nigeria

Masters of Business Administration - University of Lagos, Nigeria

Masters degree in Forensic Accounting - Sheffield Hallam University

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • Auditing
  • Internal control
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial control
  • Process improvement
  • Risk management
Professional activities and memberships

Chartered Accountant - ACCA

Certified Internal Auditor - CIA

Certified Information Systems Auditor - CISA