Hannah Boneham

BA (Hons), MA

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Hannah Boneham
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Hannah Boneham
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
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I am fascinated by the relationship between leadership and wellbeing and how we can all empower people to thrive at work.

Did you know that the average working person in Britain will work over 90,000 hours during their lifetime? When you reflect back on your career, how many of those hours do you think you will remember fondly?

My academic background is in History and Politics and I draw my practical experience of leadership from a number of professional roles over a fifteen-year career in change management... and from being the eldest of four sisters!

The topic I am focussed on is that of the leader-follower perception gap regarding leadership behaviours that influence wellbeing. Put another way, our leaders have a significant ability to support our wellbeing at work but their success relies on understanding how their efforts are perceived by those who work for them. Many of us have worked for a leader who thought they were great at supporting their team to thrive, when our experience of their behaviour was quite different. My research aims to better understand the nature of this misunderstanding. I hope my findings will contribute to more effective leadership development; improving our leaders’ ability to create better working environments.

I very much enjoy collaborative work and meeting new people so, if you are interested in what I'm working on and would like to make a connection with your own academic or professional interests, please get in touch.

  • BA (Hons) in International History and International Politics
  • MA in Politics
Research interests
  • Leadership and wellbeing Leader-member exchange (LMX)
  • The self-other perception gap
  • The impact of feedback on self-awareness of leaders
  • Self-image at work and the Working-self concept (WSC)
Professional activities and memberships

I have over ten years' experience in leadership and change management with specialities in communications and stakeholder engagement. I am completing my PhD part-time alongside my full-time role as a programme manager in the public sector and I am also a governor at a primary school in Sheffield.