Nothing great ever comes without sacrifice

Alexis Thouki wearing a black shirt stood in a library.
Alexis Thouki
Sheffield University Management School
PhD researcher
Alexis Thouki, a PhD candidate of Sheffield University Management School, wanted to channel a passion for learning and self-development.
Alexis Thouki

What were you doing prior to starting your PhD?

Prior to starting the PhD, I wanted to secure a career in archaeology to ensure both professional and academic development. After becoming a chartered archaeologist, a year later, I decided to start the PhD course part-time.

Why did you choose to undertake a PhD?

To channel my passion for learning and self-development towards a goal that would enhance my career opportunities.

What area are you doing your PhD in?

Religious sites are the most represented cultural asset in the world heritage list, and an asset that reflects the rich cultural repository of each nation attracting millions of tourists every year. My thesis addresses the management challenges as a result of their new ‘hybrid’ state (semi-sacred and semi-secular) providing a critical reflection of the production and consumption of ecclesiastical heritage, looking at how competing discourses and processes legitimise certain practices as opposed to others.

What appealed to you about Sheffield University Management School?

Its international ranking and research excellence framework.

What do you enjoy most about researching in Sheffield?

Various opportunities for growth in different directions, a supportive environment for part-time distance learning and good institutional mechanisms that ensure academic success.

What advice would you give to someone working on their PhD proposal?

Demonstrate good critical literature review skills and a good understanding on how to structure a cohesive research design.

Finding a good work life balance whilst studying a PhD?

As a part-time student doing my PhD mostly in my free time, I realised that nothing great ever comes without sacrifice. Thankfully, my day-to-day job as an archaeologist in the countryside, with fresh air helps to balance out PhD-related stress. 

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