I believed that earning a master's degree in information systems management would help me land a management position in a reputable UK company

Image of student Indraja Nath
Indraja Nath
MSc Student
Information Systems Management MSc
Indraja, Information Systems Management MSc student, was drawn in by the prestigious nature of Sheffield University Management School.
Image of student Indraja Nath

The fact that the University of Sheffield is a highly ranked university, a member of the prestigious Russell Group, and has the best Students’ Union in the world drew me in. This course is also not offered at many universities.

Choosing the University of Sheffield

Indraja Nath

Why did you choose your particular course at Sheffield?

I have worked as an IT analyst and wanted to study Information Systems Management to advance in my career. I chose this course over MBA because MBA has too many modules that aren't necessary for managing IT projects.

Prior to studying a masters

I was working for a multinational corporation as a Product Specialist (technical) on Corporate Banking in South Africa.

Reasons for studying a masters

I believed that earning a master's degree in information systems management would help me land a management position in a reputable UK company.

Concerns prior to studies

I was concerned about finding work after completing my course. I attempted to connect with people on LinkedIn and also spoke with student ambassadors about visas, scholarships, and part-time jobs. They were extremely helpful. I sought assistance from university career advisors and wellness counsellors after joining the university and they were immensely beneficial as well.

Course highlight

It is difficult to single out a specific point. However, the lectures, tutorials and ‘Give it a go’ activities combined have proven to be an exciting experience.

Favourite thing about Sheffield

Sheffield has many parks, and the balance of old and new architecture fascinates me.

As an international student, how have you adapted to university life in the UK?

Balancing university, assignments, part-time work, and personal life can be challenging at times, but I hope it will be worthwhile in the end.

Skills developed during degree

I've become more conscious of mindfulness and I've learned to network more effectively with Linkedln.

Ambitions after graduation

I hope to secure a managerial position in an IT or audit firm in the UK.

How do you think studying this masters will help you in your career?

In my course, I'm learning about managing people, managing projects, and designing IT solutions, which will help me deal with real-life organisational challenges.

Any advice for students considering your course?

I would advise them to take the leap and work hard to make their dreams a reality.

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