Never hesitate to ask questions or participate in class. We have wonderful teachers and they are here to support you

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Siddhant Tyagi
MSc Student
Finance and Accounting MSc
Finance and Accounting MSc student Siddhant returned to education to undertake a masters degree. He found that the support on offer made the transition smooth and helped him to readjust to university life.
Image of Siddhant Tyagi

In case I didn’t understand anything in class I set up a meeting with my professor and they guided me and cleared my doubt. We also have a discussion board where students can ask questions or share ideas. So far it has been a wonderful experience for me.

Returning to university

Siddhant Tyagi

 Why did you choose your particular course at Sheffield?

The main reason to study in Sheffield was the ranking as it is number 15th in the UK. Moreover, the university itself is very international, leading to it being ranked within the top 50 most international universities in the world. Lastly, earning a UK degree will open a lot of doors for me as it will help me to strengthen my career prospects.

Choosing Sheffield University Management School

Just like the University of Sheffield, the Management School also has a good reputation as they have earned Triple Crown accreditation from the three major international accreditation bodies – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Sheffield University Management School is located in a very student-friendly city which was also a plus point for me. Lastly, I will be taught by industry experts which will increase my employability chances as the teachers can give me deep and cutting edge knowledge.

Before studying a masters

After finishing my undergraduate in the US, I spent 2.5 years working in Corporate Banking.

Pursuing a master's degree

When I was working in Corporate Banking I was facing multiple challenges because of a lack of advanced finance knowledge. Therefore to grow within my career I decided to do a master’s degree.

Concerns about returning to study

The main concern I had was whether I would be able to cope with university life. As I already started working and had spent time away from university, I thought returning to university could be a challenge. However after attending this university I can say that I didn't need to be worried about this. The lecturers worked hard to make this transition very smooth. 

Course highlight

The main highlight of my course was the use of STATA (Statistical Software for Data Science) software as I never thought we would be using that software in the finance course. Having the skills to use this software will certainly make me more desirable for companies when I am looking for graduate jobs.

Favourite things about Sheffield

My favourite things about the city include the friendly people, the diverse student community, the varied teaching styles and expert teaching staff and the Students' Union. I also enjoy studying in the Diamond, and taking breaks in the many green spaces available including Weston Park.

As an international student, how have you adapted to university life in the UK?

  1. The very first thing I did is to make friends as that is where I will get to study with them and share ideas. 
  2. Tried to adapt to the local culture 
  3. Make a timetable so this way I don’t miss important deadlines and exams.
  4. Lastly, made a budget so this way I don’t overspend

Skills developed during your degree?

There were two skills I picked up while doing my degree. The first one is to use STATA software. While the other one is Excel as both are important for a finance degree, I am lucky enough to have learned that in Sheffield.

How do you think studying this masters will help you in your career?

Through studying this course, I have discovered new areas of finance which I didn't have previous experience in. The course has definitely helped me to explore a variety of areas of finance and has opened my mind to considering different career pathways in the future.

Advice for students considering your course?

I would say success is always a process, never an event. Take risks and don't be afraid to make mistakes as this is how you learn. Never hesitate to ask questions or participate in class. We have wonderful teachers and they are here to support you.

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