Sheffield is vibrant with students bustling around at all times which makes it student friendly and creates a safe environment for everyone

Image of student Sweta Rasipollu
Sweta Rasipollu
MSc Student
Management MSc
Management MSc student Emma, chose to pursue a Masters to prepare herself for a career as a manager.
Image of student Sweta Rasipollu

The university management school has triple crown accreditations and only 1% of universities have that in the world. It was an assurance that the quality of education is the best.

Choosing Sheffield University Management School

Sweta Rasipollu

 Why did you choose your particular course at Sheffield?

My decision of choosing MSc management at Sheffield is because of the Sheffield city itself as I read in many articles how beautiful and close it is to nature. I saw blogs of students who went around the city to share their experience. The university itself is also Russell Group.

Prior to studying a Masters

I was working with Amazon development centre India as HR assistant. My job was to help internal employees with their HR queries.

Wanting to pursue a Masters degree

My previous job was the main reason which motivated me to pursue a Masters degree. I want to work in organisations in a managerial role and I need to get the preparation and education to be a manager.

Did you have any concerns prior to starting your studies?

I had quite a few concerns regarding accommodation then regarding the university’s culture. After applying for the student ambassador role I had doubts about how I should prepare for the interview. I got in contact with one of the student ambassadors and they cleared all my doubts. The university’s app helped me with locations, my timetables and many other things.

Course highlight

The management and organisational theory module has been a highlight of my course. It kept me engaged throughout the semester and the assessment for the module was quite interesting as well. It highlighted the importance of ethics and how big an impact you can make by being ethical.

Favourite thing about Sheffield

It is surrounded by greenery, and it was very close to the scenic peaks. It is vibrant with students bustling around at all times which makes it student friendly and creates a safe environment for everyone.

As an international student, how have you adapted to university life in the UK?

Coming from a conservative country like India, the university life of the UK is different in many aspects such as student life, ways the university courses are conducted and the social events. It keeps me occupied and balances my education and social life. This helps my mental wellbeing greatly.

Skills developed during your degree

I have gained useful skills which might help my career path in the future such as critical thinking ,developing a habit to look at problems from a managerial perspective and most importantly team work with my course mates for my projects.

Plans after graduation

I would like to embark on my managerial career by first getting a graduate scheme job. I would like to gain more skills in the finance sector to ease my way up the banking and finance sector.

How do you think studying this masters will help you in your career?

This course has highlighted to me the importance of ethics and management in organisations. I have learnt that being ethical can make a huge impact in an organisation.

Any advice for students who are considering your course?

Be open to learning new sets of skills and do not be afraid to socialise. Studying in one of the best management schools will help you with your career and the approachable professors and staff makes it much easier than it is. You will receive all the support you need, just like I did.

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