I felt the need to make a big leap in my career

Zaid Jafri sat at a table with another student.
Zaid Jafri
Postgraduate student
Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc
With a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and an Executive MBA together with 10 years experience in the automotive industry in MNCs in India, Zaid was consistently climbing the ladder of success in his profession. However he felt the need to make a big leap in his career and acquire a skill set that would set him apart.
Zaid Jafri sat at a table with another student.

Sheffield University Management School ticked all my boxes

Supply chains have always been dynamic and evolving rapidly in terms of technology, business models and sustainability efforts. Recent disruptions due to the pandemic  have had a massive impact on the economy, especially on the global supply chain which I would be happy to explore and contribute to.

During my search for top institutions that offered Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM), Sheffield University stood out as having a balance of both elements, logistics management and supply chain management and offers a good mix of theory and practical teaching. The course takes us through fundamental topics from logistics systems and operations management to technology and financing with a great focus on sustainability and real time case studies.

My advice about the course

This course is rigorous and requires intense critical thinking and it provides you with outstanding information and materials from Day 1 to Day 100. Make sure you keep your momentum going throughout your masters journey and attend all your lectures and tutorials: these are goldmines. There is no substitute for hard work, so set your goals, plan your approach and stay committed. 

Bringing my family with me

Sheffield is the greenest city in Europe with a great student vibe. After coming to Sheffield, I realised it is one of the most affordable cities with a comfortable lifestyle. We enjoy the outdoors almost all year round with the colourful spring and fall, mild winter and beautiful summer. My wife and my son love the local libraries and they can walk to all the grocery stores and the town centre. Major outlets are also nearby. The UK brings you the best standard in all aspects and the humble Yorkshire people help us to easily transition into UK life.

I would love to have a job offer in the UK before I graduate

The holistic approach of the course is the most important thing that equips students with the right skill sets, technology and thinking power to compete in the marketplace. I have first-hand experience and exposure with various industries showcased by the university, and I am sure to find a great company to work for coming out of this institution. I love the UK and particularly enjoy living in  Sheffield which also provides job opportunities with  industries in close proximity. If given a chance, I would like to work here for a few more years before I venture out.

Four students laughing while sat at a bench, outside the Students' Union

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