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Zaneta Gudowicz, MSc Management (International Business)
Zaneta Gudowicz
Postgraduate student
MSc Management (International Business)
Having studied International Relations with a specialisation in International Marketing and gaining work experience in the marketing field, Zaneta wanted to pursue a masters to enable her to make a move into management.
Zaneta Gudowicz, MSc Management (International Business)

I graduated from the University of Lodz in Poland and worked in marketing for a number of years but the lure of postgraduate study drew me back to university!

International recognition

I first heard about the University of Sheffield from a classmate whose lecturer recommended it. I started to do some research about the University and discovered that Sheffield’s Management School is one of the top in the UK and is highly regarded worldwide! A reputation like this is hard to build and even harder to maintain. This was extremely important for me when I was considering where to study. The Management School not only has an excellent reputation amongst academic communities but also amongst companies, who are looking for graduates from renowned schools such as this one. It’s good to know that Management School graduates are in high demand.

Expert guidance

As an international student, I naturally had some concerns about studying in a new country. As a non-native English speaker, I was concerned about the more technical language that I would need to master. However, the School offered a free course, which helped with vocabulary and jargon used in the accounting, and finance world, which was extremely helpful.

Finding the right accommodation is a concern for a lot of international students. For example, I wasn’t able to visit Sheffield before starting my course and knew that it could be quite risky to decide on living in some flat without visiting it first. So I wrote to the University about this and they responded with examples of trusted private accommodation which was such a big help. And I’m really happy with my current accommodation!

Everyone here wants the best for students

My experiences at the Management School have been very positive. Everyone is helpful and wants the best for students. Staff are always supportive and help you to find solutions to any problems that you face. As a student, you will find everything that you need - from a great cafeteria and free Wi-Fi in the whole School to the Futures First Employability Hub which I visited to get advice on improving my CV and cover letters.

One of the benefits of studying here is that students and alumni get access to a global talent portal website with up-to-date internships and vacancies from large international companies, such as HSBC, Adidas, Google, Etihad Airways and others. One of my career aspirations is getting a summer internship in a large company, so this is a valuable resource. There are also plenty of events where you have an opportunity to network with employees from large companies. I feel really supported to achieve my career goal.

An excellence experience

I can’t recommend the Management School enough! The Management School has provided me with everything that I need for my future career. The three things that I love the most about studying here are the high-quality teaching, the excellent career guidance and the large amount of networking opportunities for students.

I also really enjoy the international environment here and the opportunity to hone my English language skills even further. And on the learning side, I like the combined use of lectures and seminars which ensures that students study several cases from the real business world. This approach means that we get a solid theoretical understanding but also understand practical implications in the real world.

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