Evaluation of Buckinghamshire Community Mental Health Framework Project

Mixed methods evaluation of early implementer of the NHS England Community Mental Health Framework.

A nurse supporting an elderly man.

Project overview

The Community Mental Health Framework for Adults and Older Adults (CMHF) establishes new models of "integrated, personalised, place-based and well-coordinated care" for people with severe mental illness.

In this study, we are conducting a process of evaluation of the implementation of this service in Buckinghamshire, delivered through a partnership between Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Buckinghamshire Council, local Primary Care Networks and voluntary sector partners.

In the mixed methods evaluation, we will conduct interviews with leadership, staff and service users and conduct secondary analysis of routinely collected data. The study will identify barriers to and enablers of change, and assessments of impact and value, generating actionable learning for commissioners and providers in Buckinghamshire and in other sites nationally who are establishing similar services in line with the CMHF. The study will also generate wider research insights into organisational change in healthcare, focusing on system flexibility, culture change and system sustainability.

Funding details

Funder Dates Value
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust May 2022 to April 2023 £138,600

Staff involved


  • Professor Richard Byng, Professor in Primary Care Research at University of Plymouth
  • Dr Alex Stirzaker, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead at NHS England South West
  • Zara Schneider, Senior Researcher at McPin Foundation
  • Dr Vanessa Pinfold, Research Director at McPin Foundation

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