InterACT Made Smarter Network+

Professor Vania Sena leads the team of researchers working on the implication of digitalization on the future of the economy.

An image of the globe with bright green dots and lines across the surface depicting digital networks.

Project overview

The purpose of InterACT is to create an interdisciplinary community where funding can be effectively distributed to researchers who will generate actionable economic and social science insights for the benefits of UK businesses.

In a world faced with the looming threat of climate change, the InterAct Network will also support UK manfacturing's efforts to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Whilst technology is important, there are many social and economic factors that will be hugely influential in achieving these aims. The InterAct Network has two primary roles:

  1. Develop and support the creation of an effective digital innovation ecosystem to accelerate the innovation and diffusion of industrial digital technologies
  2. Ensure that the full range and depth of social and economic science insights are accessed across the Made Smarter challenge and wider UK manufacturing sector.

Funding details

Funder Dates Value
ESRC November 2021 to December 2024 £442,655

Staff involved

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