Richard Bruce

Business Engagement Lead for the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures and Lecturer in Supply Chain Accounting & Finance

Room: SUMS, B059
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 2723

I have two roles at the University of Sheffield, (1) the Business Engagement Lead for the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures (see and (2) lecturer in Supply Chain Accounting and Finance in the Management School. Whilst separate, the roles overlap and cross-fertilise each other extensively.

With an in-depth first-hand knowledge of the supply-chain issues facing the global agri-food and FMCG sectors from working with business in the UK and China, and in academia, I utilise my wide experience, extensive contacts, and excellent industry access to create and manage mainly agri-food and agri-tech projects involving staff and students at Sheffield, as well as contributing to my teaching which is kept up to date and relevant.

I am the secretary to the Grantham Engagement Board, which includes senior colleagues from industry, research and professional services across a wide range of sectors, with members drawn from India, Switzerland, the USA and the UK. Meetings are held twice a year with opportunities for Grantham Scholars and staff colleagues from across the university to interact with board members.

Initially I was a fast track civil servant in the Department of the Environment, involved – inter alia – with harmonisation of UK environmental legislation post accession to the EEC, then following my full-time MBA, I spent six years at Harper Adams University, establishing the DTI funded Enterprise Unit and teaching strategic management to BSc students. I then founded my own consultancy, working on strategic issues facing major agri-food suppliers and multiple retailers, and interfacing with government and industry bodies.

My teaching in the Management School is to MSc students, covering Supply Chain Management Accounting and Finance. This involves exploring how the students, as future supply chain managers, may interact with the financial and management accountants and other professionals they encounter in their organisation, and across the supply chain networks with which they have dealings. Senior supply chain practitioners are brought in to present real life situations through visiting lectures, and case studies are used extensively. As I am passionate about my subject, I try to ensure that my enthusiasm rubs off on the students, with whom I develop very good working relations over the months. I supervise relevant MSc Dissertations, and play a full part in supporting all the activities of the School. I am the School’s representative on the Faculty of Social Science Student Support Network.

External roles include being the academic lead on the DEFRA/BiTC Healthy Ecosystems Project.

My research explores the use of accounting tools to improve the trust levels between suppliers and retailers in the UK grocery sector. I have written or contributed to the following academic papers:-

The Future Information Needs of Rural Practice Chartered Surveyors; a means to competitive advantage? Bruce, R. Harper Adams Enterprises. 1995

Vanishing value chains, industrial districts and HRM in the Brazilian automotive industry. Pauline Dibben, Juliana Meira, Caroline Linhares, Richard Bruce & Geoffrey Wood Pages 1-18 | Published online: 26 Sep 2016

An agenda for integrated system-wide interdisciplinary agri-food research. Peter Horton, Steve A. Banwart, Dan Brockington, Garrett W. Brown, Richard Bruce, Duncan Cameron, Michelle Holdsworth, S. C. Lenny Koh, Jurriaan Ton, Peter Jackson. Food Security (2017).

The environmental impact of fertilizer embodied in a wheat-to-bread supply chain. Liam Goucher, Richard Bruce, Duncan D. Cameron, S. C. Lenny Koh & Peter Horton. Nature Plants 3, Article number: 17012 (2017)

Voluntary work has always been a part of my life: initially I was a Special Constable in the Metropolitan Police during the IRA bombing campaign in London, then I spent over 20 years involved in Scouting, with formal roles initially as a Beaver Leader and finishing my Scouting career as the Team Leader for the annual National Scout Service held in Windsor Castle. My current role is that of an emergency blood bike rider, moving blood samples, body parts, and medical equipment out-of-hours between hospitals and hospices mainly in South Yorkshire.

I am an active Fellow of both the Royal Society of Arts, and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the latter being one of the accreditation bodies for the Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc.