The highlight of my course would be my year abroad in Copenhagen. Being able to travel while studying is amazing!

An image of student Bronnie Wong
Bronnie Wong
Undergraduate Student
BA International Business Management with Study Abroad and Employment Experience
Bronnie, a student of BA International Business Management with Study Abroad and Employment Experience, moved to Sheffield as an International student.
An image of student Bronnie Wong

It is one of the only universities in the UK that allows a year abroad and would still only be a 3 year degree! It was also great that I could also opt to do a placement in my penultimate year which many Universities do not offer as it is either a year abroad or placement year.

Choosing Sheffield

Bronnie Wong

 Why Sheffield University Management School?

I was attracted by the courses offered and the flexibility they have with their module choices. There is also a lot of support when I had questions before entering Uni.

Concerns prior to starting studies

I was afraid I would not be able to manage my time as I know University can be challenging. To my surprise, the course is very manageable as you have up to 10 hours of teaching a week and I could use the rest of the time to catch up on work, join societies and do things I love.

Deciding where to go on a year abroad

I knew I wanted to be at a pure Business University as I wanted to see how different it would be instead of a big University like Sheffield. I did my research all online and asked previous students their experience during their year abroad. Copenhagen seemed like the perfect choice as it ticked all my boxes!

Adapting to a different country

I personally already am an International student so moving to another country was extremely exciting for me as I love embracing new people and cultures. One thing that helped me adapt was staying in a student dorm where everyone is friendly and wants to explore the city as much as you!

What was your experience of undertaking a placement?

I did my placement year at L’Oreal in the London office and I managed to secure it after applying through I researched what the company is looking for in their candidates, how I can best fit into the role and used the STAR method to ace my interviews! A challenge that I faced when I entered the job was the use of different platforms and tools. I was overwhelmed initially but after taking the time to attend courses and understand its purposes and how to use it efficiently, I am now more confident in using them and am less worried about learning new ones.

Returning after a year abroad and a year on placement

It was challenging after being away for a while but coming back to peaceful and friendly Sheffield has really made me feel like I have come home. At Uni, I am able to understand the content in classes much better than I did before as I can see how they can be applied to real life business situations and I have come across them in previous modules or during my placement.

What did you gain from your year abroad and your placement that might help in your future career?

I have definitely increased my network from my year abroad and placement year. The people I have met are absolutely incredible and are very useful contacts for future job opportunities!

Course highlight

The highlight of my course would be my year abroad in Copenhagen. Being able to travel while studying is amazing!

Skills developed during your degree?

I have developed time management skills from juggling work with University and society responsibilities. I have also developed my analytical skills as the course really stimulates critical thinking and how to develop strong cases.

What piece of advice would you give to students who are considering your course?

Do it! The management school provides lots of support, has a good reputation and you get to go abroad. It can be extremely daunting moving countries but if you love travelling and exploring new things, this is a great opportunity to do it as a student.

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