The diversity of modules have given me an insight into business and economics and an opportunity to work in many different areas

Portrait of student Kornelia Drotarovska
Kornelia Drotarovska
Undergraduate student
Business Management and Economics BA
Kornelia highlights the benefits of studying a dual degree by combining Business Management and Economics.
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The best of both

I did Economics and Business Studies for my A levels and I was very indecisive which path I should take since I really enjoyed both of them. I chose to study a dual course Business Management and Economics BA because it offers many different modules that allow me to experience different types of industries. The time is split equally between the two subjects which gives me an opportunity to develop detailed knowledge and key skills in both Economics and Business.

High quality teaching and support

I heard about Sheffield University Management School from my friends who previously studied here. I was impressed by the stories of their experience in lectures and the life outside uni. They praised the quality of teaching and support available from lecturers and the Futures First Employability Hub in the Management School. I also came to visit them and got the best feeling of being a future student here. 

Moreover, one of the main reasons why I chose to study at the Sheffield University Management School was the fact that it is placed within the global elite of business schools with its competitive Triple Crown Accreditation and world-class research.

Since I am not a native English speaker, I was concerned about writing essays in academic English as well as taking notes in lectures. However, this was solved very quickly with English Language Teaching Center that is part of the University and offered me a range of English courses and services such as a one-to-one meetings for the concerns about my essay. Furthermore, Encore has put my concerns to rest. It records lectures and lets me watch it again so I can fill in those frustrating gaps in my notes. I also use it when I am sick and I cannot attend my lectures. It is a great help and I am very grateful for this support from university.

The importance of reputation

The fact that University of Sheffield is a Russell Group university was an important factor for me when I was selecting where to study. Nowadays, a university's reputation affects your employability as employers consider the quality of your education as well as the skills you developed, and coming from the Russell Group university will put you a bit forward when competing with other applicants.

On top of that, The University of Sheffield has a global reputation for its exceptional teaching. It is socially responsible, environmentally aware and committed to sustainability in everything they do which helps to make the world a better place. 

The perfect location

Sheffield University Management School is one of the university's largest departments. It’s in a great location, just 10 minutes walk from campus and only 2 minutes from the Sports Center. I often use this opportunity and go to the gym when I finish my seminars in the Management School. There is also a café where I usually grab a sandwich with a coffee or a cup of tea and chill for a while with my friends. Everytime I have some queries regarding my modules or timetable I always visit the Student Experience Office in the School where they solve my concerns very quickly and everyone there is very friendly. Moreover, there is also an Employability Hub which I used to visit when applying for internships. They helped me to structure my CV, helped me with the application process and to search for suitable opportunities. The Employability Hub also organizes skills and application workshops which are very useful for students who want to apply for internships or graduate schemes.

Superb careers support

The Future First Employability Hub is a space in the Management School where students can access careers support and coaching, job and placement vacancies and attend skills and employer workshops. I used one -to-one support with career consultants in my second year when I was applying for summer internships. They helped me to see my full potential and understand what employers are looking for. They also helped me master my CV and prepare for an interview.  I am very satisfied with their support because they helped me to be successful and get an internship at the Ministry of Economy, Department for Business Environment and Innovation.

Real-world experience

I completed a 2 month summer internship at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic in the Department of Business Environment and Innovation. I was involved in a national project called ‘Improving the business environment in Slovakia and evaluation of policies in the competence of the Ministry of Economy’. My role was to investigate and evaluate the best practices for better regulation strategies and methodology which will be applied in Regulatory Impact Assessment 2020. It was an unforgettable experience which enabled me to gain insight into the work of the public sector and improved my team working and analytical skills. On top of that, I made friends with who I am still in touch with.

Work ready skills

I believe that during my course, I have developed the necessary academic and transferable skills that will enable me to be successful in my career. I have become a more effective team player and I have learnt how to manage people effectively. I have achieved that via working on group projects. Moreover, I have gained a good understanding of the realities of business and how businesses are run effectively. Working on case studies have also improved my analytical and critical thinking.

A city for students

Sheffield is a great place to study with more than 60,000 students living in the city, making it a true student city. It has places for a nightlife, shopping, exhibition places and sports. The best thing about Sheffield is that it is a green, safe and friendly place which has the highest ratio of trees to people of any European city and there are many free and cheap activities on offer. The Peak District is my favourite and is only a 15-minute train ride from the center. I like to go there when I need to refresh my brain and forget about all the deadlines and busy uni life.

A world-class university – a unique student experience

Sheffield is a research university with a global reputation for excellence. We're a member of the Russell Group: one of the 24 leading UK universities for research and teaching.