The Employability Hub’s services is supplementing my learning, helping me to develop my professional profile

Hamza Aamir
Hamza Aamir
Undergraduate student
BA Business Management
Hamza explains how his university experience and the employability support offered helped him to secure internships.
Hamza Aamir

Why I chose to study in Sheffield

A key determining factor for my decision to choose Business Management at Sheffield was the amount of flexibility available, particularly during the final year of the course meaning I can tailor my learning toward my interests.

As someone looking to pursue a career internationally, Triple Crown accreditation was integral alongside a high academic ranking. Moreover, access to the Employability Hub served as assurance that I will have tailored support to achieve my career goals.

I was thoroughly excited about studying abroad

Even though I was completely engulfed in the idea of studying abroad and was thoroughly excited, cultural shock is something that hit me eventually after a brief ‘honeymoon’ period. However, every international student you will meet will be in the same boat and with that will come an opportunity to connect through a shared experience. My advice would be to remain open to new experiences, whether it takes the form of people, activities, culture or food. In doing so, you will find a genuine appreciation and adoration of different parts of the world that different people around you will be carrying.

Although I had the pleasure of meeting a considerable amount of people on my course that I now proudly call my friends, I connected with a plethora of people through different societies and a program called Global Campus which runs events throughout the year for people to come together and make friends.

International student social event.

I secured a marketing internship in home country where I developed skills to help me secure the ideal job

The Management School’s Employability Hub advised me to start gaining experience through volunteering, which eventually put me in a competitive position to apply for internships. As a result, I was able to secure a marketing internship at AkzoNobel in my home country (Pakistan). Moreover, I completed a digital marketing internship at Nicholson and Co. which was sourced through Workplace Insights at University of Sheffield.

Given the intensive focus on marketing for my internships, I developed marketing related competency through skills and experience. Moreover, I  have developed administrative and transferable skills such as the ability to multitask, manage deadlines and communicate effectively. In the future, not only will these skills help me secure an ideal job for me but will allow me to flourish there.

As a result of my university experience, I have developed excellent communication skills

The irrevocable highlight for me has been a third year module called Critical Perspectives in Workplace and Organisational Psychology. As a result of flourishing in a multicultural university environment, I have developed communication skills, particularly geared toward a multi-cultural context, which will no doubt help in my future career.

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