Jordan Williamson

Jordan WilliamsonDegree: MMath Mathematics

Jordan did a summer research placement with Dr Simon Willerton, through the University's Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience. This gave him the chance to present his research at a national research conference.

"My SURE project was entitled 'Calculating Knot Invariants' and the aim of the research was to produce a computer program that implemented an algorithm to calculate 'knot invariants'. A knot is just like we would imagine from everyday life, such as our shoelaces or our earphones in our pockets. A knot invariant assigns a number (or some algebraic object) to each knot to provide us with a method to distinguishing between different knots.

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to undertake research since it gave me an insight into a style of learning that I hadn’t encountered in my module work. Although reading textbooks and papers at first was extremely frustrating, after a while I got to grips with independent study, and I feel this ability has helped me in my module work throughout this year. Also to undertake my project I had to develop my coding skills beyond what I had learned in MAS115 Mathematical Investigation Skills, and I feel that skills such as this will stand me in good stead for my future.

"Through my research, I managed to go to the British Conference for Undergraduate Research, and I feel these experiences have helped boost my confidence. I would highly recommend a SURE project, as it gives you experience and insight into research, which is otherwise not discovered. Overall, the experience of the SURE project confirmed for me that I wanted to continue my studies and do a PhD. I am now a PhD student at the University of Sheffield studying algebraic topology, which is closely related to the topic of my SURE project."

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