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Royal Society of Biology Accreditation for MBB Degrees

MBB has received accreditation for its BSc Undergraduate Degree Programmes and Advanced Accreditation for our MBiolSci Undergraduate Masters Programme.

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Scientists from MBB unravel the cap structure of the “propeller” in bacterial pathogens

MBB Scientists have solved the structure of the bacterial flagellum cap complex, revealing a possible mechanism for its elongation.

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The architecture of the Gram-positive bacterial cell wall

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have produced the first high-resolution images of the structure of the cell wall of bacteria, in a study that could further understanding of antimicrobial resistance.

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Our fascinating BSc courses and accredited MBiolSci degrees span the bioscience subjects of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and molecular biology. MSc students come from all over the world to learn the latest advanced lab skills.

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We use the latest technology to better understand the molecular basis of human health and the environment. You can join us by applying for one of our PhD research or fellowship opportunities.

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We're committed to making an impact with our research. That's why we work with our partners in industry to develop new solutions, and take part in a range of events to inspire the public.

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