Four year MBiolSci option

Four year MBiolSci option

Students who want to get more in-depth experience of working in laboratories and training in research-related skills can do a four year MBiolSci course instead of the standard three year BSc. The fourth year is where you will undertake an extended research project, either here at the University or out in industry, and it is aimed at students interested in a research career. The industrial option is particularly competitive, but we have high success rates when it comes to getting our students placements with top companies.

The first three years of the MBiolSci courses are the same as the equivalent BSc courses, but the fourth year builds on your practical experience and is designed to give you the competitive edge when applying for research positions after you graduate. Sheffield is one of the few universities in the UK to provide this opportunity to enhance your research skills.

The MBiolSci Biochemistry course comes accredited by the Royal Society of Biology – find out more

How does it work?

Our MBiolSci courses have different UCAS codes to our BSc courses, but you can swap between the two once you have started your degree – we advise students to keep their options open by applying for the MBiolSci, since they can always switch to the BSc if they change their mind.

Unlike doing a BSc followed by a MSc, the four year MBiolSci course allows you to get a Masters qualification while paying undergraduate fees that are lower than typical postgraduate fees.

You can also receive a student loan for your fourth year in a scheme not available to students who study a separate Masters degree, and pay even lower fees if you do your research project in industry.

During your research you will work alongside internationally recognised scientists and their research teams in one of the UK's top biology departments.

We try to keep our fourth year places for the best students, so you must be achieving an average mark of 60 per cent in second year to take the fourth year.

Industrial option

Some of our MBiolSci students do their research with a company in industry, either in the UK or overseas – these are some of the pharmaceutical and agrifood firms they have worked with:

Kyle FowlerKyle Fowler, MBioSci Biochemistry
"The fourth year Masters degree program is unique to Sheffield, and puts you at an advantage when applying for PhDs. I have personally found that Sheffield students are also at a huge advantage compared to students from other universities when applying for industrial placements in our fourth year." Read more

Milena von und zur MuehlenMilena von und zur Mühlen, MBiolSci Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology
"There is a lot of lab work which is good – it allows us to get a good insight into research work already and acquire lab skills. The possibility of doing the Masters year in industry was a big factor, because you don’t lose a year of your course to do it." Read more

Max HebditchMax Hebditch, MBiolSci Biochemistry
"The chance to conduct a year in industry is a great opportunity that isn't possible at many other universities. Even though I no longer live in Sheffield I come back and visit fairly regularly as it really is a great place to live and study." Read more