11 September 2020

An international research study launched: Activities for wellbeing during Covid-19

Research by Prof Renee Timmers and colleagues investigates the role music and other everyday activities play in addressing wellbeing goals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Through an international study that covers 13 countries and is presented in 8 languages, the investigation explores the wellbeing goals and objectives of people facing lockdown and Covid19, as well as the ways in which people have used various activities, including music to support their personal wellbeing.

The study hopes to reach a large number of participants per country (500+) to gain an in-depth as well as broad understanding of coping strategies and wellbeing needs and how these vary depending on age, social circumstance and lockdown measures.

This research is led by Prof. Roni Granot (Jerusalem, Israel) in collaboration with Prof. Renee Timmers

Professor Renee Timmers teaches on the Music Psychology programmes for The Department of Music and runs the Music Mind Machine Research Centre which offers a platform for researchers and students to investigate musical experience from an interdisciplinary perspective, combining theories and methods from music, psychology, social sciences and computational sciences. Research conducted at the centre is fundamental as well as applied.

Participants that have participated in the study have contributed the following:

Thanks for this survey, it was super interesting and it helped me a lot to think about aspects of myself that I had not been analyzing.

I felt cared for, that this questionnaire matters and I did the best I could. Thank you

The main research tool is an online survey that takes 15 minutes to complete. To participate in the international study follow this link.

Watch the interview with Rasheed Ogunlaru, a leading life coach on the study:

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