The Department of Music hosts a broad spectrum of researchers with expertise across composition, musicology, performance, psychology of music, music technology, ethnomusicology and the intersections between these fields.

Steps for applying for funding

1. Get in touch with the supervisor you are hoping to work with before you begin. They will be able to discuss your research proposal with you and offer advice on your application. 

2. Write your research proposal and apply for the PhD programme in the Department of Music. You will find information on how to apply here, and guidance on completing your research proposal here.

3. Submit your proposal for feedback. Deadline: 17th December 2018 

Please use the guidance for a research proposal (step 2)  and send your application to the Director of Doctoral Research by email: Dr Renee Timmers ( If you are applying for one of the three PhD positions within the Collaborative Doctoral Network on 'Music making a difference: exploring inclusion and impact in community music networks', drafts should be sent to Professor Stephanie Pitts (

4. Submit your funding application. Deadline: 17th December 2018 (Music Making Network) or 23rd January 2019 (Open Competition).

Please check the guidance below for specific application procedures for each type of funding. Please note that the date for the Collaborative Doctoral Award Network is in December, while the open competition funding deadline is in January 2019.

PhD Scholarships and Funding for 2019 entry 

AHRC White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities Scholarships

Deadline: 17th December 2018 (Music Making Network) or 23rd January 2019 (Open Competition), 5pm UK time

The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) is a Doctoral Training Partnership of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. It is responsible for the distribution of AHRC-funded doctoral studentships for these universities and for the coordination of a doctoral training programme. WRoCAH is able to offer over 50 AHRC studentships per year to candidates with a place for doctoral study at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield or York.

Applicants for an AHRC studentship must have applied for a place of study in an eligible School, Department or Centre and may only apply for funding at one of Leeds, Sheffield or York. 

Eligibility: Full details of eligibility and the studentship application form are available through the WRoCAH website.

Applying: You should apply to WRoCAH funding through the WRoCAH website - please note that this is a separate process to funding applied for through the University. We strongly recommend that you read through the WRoCAH guidance notes and submit a draft proposal for feedback before you make an application - Please see the 'Steps for applying for funding' above.

University Post Graduate Research Committee Scholarships

Deadline - Wednesday 23 January 2019, 5pm UK time
The University of Sheffield invests a significant amount of funding each year in order to support the very best postgraduate research students. For entry in 2019-20, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is offering a number of University Post Graduate Research Committee Scholarships on a competitive basis.

Award Details: The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers a range of Doctoral Academy Scholarships.

Eligibility: These awards are open to UK, EU and International applicants who are applying to study either full or part-time.

Applying: Full details of these scholarships, eligibility and how to apply can be found here.

Hossein Farmy Scholarship

Deadline - Wednesday 23 January 2019, 5pm UK time
The Hossein Farmy Scholarship is available for entry in 2019-20 for students pursuing research relating to mining including historical aspects of mining and the mining industry.

Award Details: The Hossein Farmy Scholarship covers tuition fees at the standard UK rate and provides an annual, tax-free maintenance stipend at the standard UK research council rate.

Eligibility: This award is open to UK applicants who are applying to study full-time. Applicants should be pursuing a course of research relating to mining.

Applying: Full details of the Hossein Farmy scholarship, eligibility and how to apply can be found here.

China Scholarship Council

Deadline - Wednesday 23 January 2019, 5pm UK time
This scheme provides academically excellent Chinese students with the opportunity to study for a PhD at the University of Sheffield. The scholarships are supported jointly by the China Scholarship Council and the University of Sheffield.

Award details: The scholarship will cover University tuition fees, a grant for living costs and one return flight from China to the UK. Funding for each award will be up to 48 months. Successful candidates will be expected to have submitted their thesis and defended it via oral examination by month 48.

Eligibility: You must be applying to start a new full-time PhD programme at Sheffield.
You must be a national of and ordinarily resident in mainland China (not including Hong Kong or Macau). You must also be intending to return to China once your programme is completed. You will require an unconditional offer from the University of Sheffield so will be required to meet both academic and English language criteria.

You must first apply for postgraduate research at Sheffield. Applicants must have an unconditional offer in place, therefore please ensure you apply for postgraduate research early.

Apply for a scholarship from Sheffield by completing the funding section of the online postgraduate application form. This can be done at the same time as your course application or you can log back in later to add your funding details - you do not need to wait until you have received an offer. Your supporting documents i.e. references and transcripts will form part of your funding application.

Apply to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) for this scholarship. Please review the CSC's Scheme introduction and Making an application webpages for more information.
Applicants must be successful with applications to Sheffield and to the CSC in order to be accepted on this scholarship programme.

Full details can be found here

Other Funding Bodies

Many charities, foundations and trusts provide funding for postgraduate study, from small grants to full scholarships. Some are in specific subject areas while others have more general eligibility criteria. Please see our external funding page for a list of funding bodies and search sites which may help you to find other scholarships.

PhD Project Funding

PhD projects are available throughout the year, many of which are funded. Currently available projects are advertised in the PhD projects directory.

Postgraduate Doctoral Loan Scheme  

Loans worth up to £25,000 are available to doctoral students studying postgraduate research courses from September 2018.
You can find out more here.

International Students

Please note that international students are eligible to apply for many of the PhD scholarships listed above. Check the eligibility criteria for each section to see if you can apply. 

International Students Alumni Rewards

Rewards worth £1,500 per year of study are available for all University of Sheffield graduates and siblings, spouses, sons and daughters of University of Sheffield graduates for all years of study. An additional £500 is available for University of Sheffield graduates who have received a first class honours undergraduate degree.

Students must be self-funding and classified as overseas for fee purposes. Find out more here.

FAQS about applying for funding