Championing inclusion through my degree

Image of undergraduate student in the peak district
Kaydian Payne
Undergraduate Student
BA International Relations and Politics
"The mentality I have developed whilst looking at how best to include different groups in different settings will give me the right tools to use in the charity and non-profit sector"

Why did you choose to study International Relations and Politics at Sheffield?

I chose Sheffield because it had one of the best politics departments in the country. It had the broadest options for module choice and widest range of covered topics I had seen from an International Relations and Politics course.

How are you finding living in Sheffield?

I love living in Sheffield! It is such a friendly place and there are loads of cool things to do in the city. It’s also so close to the peaks so I have access to loads of beautiful countryside. My favourite thing to do in Sheffield is watching the sunset at Bole Hills. It’s a beautiful sight and only 10 minutes from where I live. The Students' Union has just opened a 'Swap Shop' which is an amazing way to get new bits for your wardrobe and get rid of stuff you don’t wear super sustainably.

How have you found the transition from further education to University so far?

I personally found the transition easy. I studied sociology, history and English language at A-level so I was well equipped for the essay writing and assessments. Also everyone at Sheffield is so helpful so it’s very easy to find someone to answer any questions you have.

Three of our politics ambassadors sat together on the yellow sofa from the Sheffield city wide university campaign

What sort of things have you been involved with since you have been here?

I am part of the Student Inclusion Committee for the department. I help them ensure that the teaching, as well as the way the department interacts with students, makes everyone feel as comfortable as possible. I am also the inclusion officer for Reggae Society where I make sure that the events run by the society are accessible to everyone and don’t make anyone feel excluded. 

How do your roles in the department and in your society help shape your studies?

My involvement with inclusion is constantly helping me keep an open mind and think about others and accessibility. This has been a really beneficial mindset for thinking of Politics and International Relations in the real world and all the different groups that are affected by the things we learn on the course. 

What are your plans for after graduation?

I would like to work with a charity or organisation working towards helping different disadvantaged groups. The mentality I have developed whilst looking at how best to include different groups in different settings, and the problem-solving skills I have gained through this, will give me the right tools to use in this sector.

Four students laughing while sat at a bench, outside the Students' Union

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