Improving access to the Library’s Korean collection

Korea Foundation Support for Libraries with Korean Collections Award

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In 2016, the University Library successfully applied for an award from the Korea Foundation Support for Libraries with Korean Collections program, and received $20,000 USD to improve catalogue records and access to the Korean Collection at the University.

Since 1979, cataloguing has transformed beyond recognition. The Korean collection currently contains 12,284 books/monographs, 320 serials/journals, as well as rare Korean books dating back to the Chosun period (14th – 19th centuries). Whilst the most recently catalogued books are to the current world-wide standard due to the introduction of new cataloguing system Alma, in which all records are searchable in both Korean(한글) and Latin (McCune-Reischauer Romanisation) script, the older 10,590 books were recorded using previous software, and were not searchable in Korean.

The Korea Foundation funding, which has been matched by the University Library, will enable all of the collection to be searchable in Korean, as well as in the Latin script of McCune-Reischauer Romanisation. The records will be accessible to scholars and students throughout the world.

Inyoung Yoo was appointed as Korean Metadata Specialist in August 2016 and is hoping to complete the project by September 2017.

For more information about the project contact Youn-hi Hughes.
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