East Asian Studies BA

Year of entry: 2020
UCAS Code:
Entry Requirements: ABB at A level (or equivalent)
Duration: 3 years

Course overview

The University of Sheffield is uniquely qualified to offer you a course on East Asia, as we are the only major University outside London that has expertise on all three key countries of the region - China, Japan and Korea. We have developed our East Asian Studies degree to allow students to gain a broad range of expertise across the whole region, complementing our other single-honours degrees, which focus on the language and society of one of the major countries.

This course is highly flexible and allows you to choose from a variety of modules covering East Asia as a whole, or focusing on a particular East Asian country (China, Japan or Korea) in each of its three years. This allows you to tailor your degree to your own interests and strengths.

Our modules cover topics including politics, history, economics, culture, society, business and all relate specifically to the East Asia region.

Don’t forget, as part of this degree you also have the option to take language classes in Chinese, Japanese and/or Korean in all three years of your course. If you chose to take this option your language study will be less intense than that of students on our Chinese, Japanese and Korean Studies degrees meaning you have more time in your schedule to focus on the history, culture and politics of East Asia.
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Melissa Webb

Melissa Webb
East Asian Studies BA

"I love the diversity of the modules offered: politics, culture, languages, history, business- there are some brilliant options to choose from. The flexibility of East Asian Studies is part of what makes it such a good course."

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Year 1

In your first year, you will take a core module in East Asian Studies to enable you to understand the regional context and the links - geographical, historical, cultural, social and political - between the East Asian states; and a choice of modules on the Critical Analysis of texts about East Asia, to enable you to interpret and utilise scholars' writings about East Asia.

Core Module

Optional Modules

You will take 4 modules from the following group

Plus up to 20 credits of unrestricted or East Asian language modules.

Year 2

In your second year, you will be able to choose from a range of modules with a focus on the disciplinary study of East Asia, to enable you to understand the different approaches taken to the region by historians, political scientists, and sociologists, among others. Whilst this degree does not have a core language component you will have the option to take non-specialist language modules in Chinese, Japanese or Korean if you wish. This degree is highly flexible and offers you a range of options which you can tailor to your own interests and career aspirations.

Core Module

  • East Asian Fieldwork - This module involves spending up to two weeks in a country in East Asia where you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and conduct field-based research related to your degree. Find out more about the fieldwork trip

Optional Modules

You will take 4 modules from the following list

Plus up to 20 credits of unrestricted or East Asian language modules

Year 3

In your final year, you will be able to choose from a wide range of specialised research seminar modules, to enable you to join your lecturers in the most up-to-date study of East Asia. This will support an important component of your degree will be a dissertation on a topic of your choice relating to one or more East Asian countries. You will work on the dissertation over the course of the year with a supervisor from the department, using the analytical skills you have developed through your studies in earlier years to produce a high-quality piece of research.

Core Module

  • Dissertation

Optional Modules

You will take two modules from the following list

Plus one module from this list 

Plus up to 20 credits of unrestricted, or East Asian language modules.

Alternative entry route for Mature Students

East Asian Studies with Foundation Year BA

The foundation year of the programme provides students with non-standard entry qualifications a thorough and supportive academic preparation for successful degree level study on the BA East Asian Studies degree programme. It is carefully designed to build your confidence in your abilities, develop essential academic and study skills, and provide the subject specific knowledge essential for success.

The foundation year is taught within the Department for Lifelong Learning and you'll be learning alongside other students who are studying for a number of different degrees, typically in small classes, supporting one another to develop and succeed.

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East Asian Studies degrees for 2020 entry
Title UCAS Code Duration
East Asian Studies BA T300 Three years
East Asian Studies with Foundation Year BA T301 Four years

The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it's up-to-date and relevant. Individual modules are occasionally updated or withdrawn. This is in response to discoveries through our world-leading research; funding changes; professional accreditation requirements; student or employer feedback; outcomes of reviews; and variations in staff or student numbers.In the event of any change we'll consult and inform students in good time and take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.