Seoul South Korea

Korea Year Abroad

The Year Abroad is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Korean culture – traditional and modern – as well as developing your language skills.

Your year in Korea will be spent at one of our six Korean partner institutions, all located in the country’s capital, Seoul. All of our partner universities in Seoul are high quality institutions which will provide you with the same, high level or teaching and support that is available in Sheffield.

The department will determine the best location for you to spend your year abroad, based on your academic achievement and individual needs and preferences.

During your year in Korean, you will continue to take intensive Korean language courses and you will be able to choose a range of other modules as well as immersing yourself in this fascinating country. Many students take advantage of their year in Korea to travel, learn new skills, join social clubs and make lifelong connections with Korean people.

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Living in Seoul

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and, as you would expect from a capital city, it is a busy metropolis with skyscraper buildings and evidence of modern technology all over the city. To contrast the modern living of Seoul today, you will also find Buddhists temples, traditional street markets and many other tourist attractions such as the Gyeongbokgug Palace.

The Koreans know how to have a good time so you won’t be stuck for places to go after a hard weeks study. Seoul has a large variety of bars, including karaoke bars, and clubs, shopping malls, saunas and restaurants which are often open around the clock.

Student experiences of the year in Korea

Recently we asked our students to send in photos and videos and share their favourite memories of their Year Abroad. You can see photos of Owen Stampton’s trip to the port of Pusan during Buddha’s Birthday celebrations, when temples are decorated with lanterns; Nora Maaniemi’s hiking trip in the beautiful Sorak Mountains; a selection from Laura Aho’s favourite pictures including Kyongju (the old capital of Korea), Sorak Mountains, and Namsan Tower, the Namsangol Traditional Village and Changdok Palace (in Seoul); and Debbie Lo’s food and drink photos. We also have a video from Sini-Petriina Kuusisto which we think says it all about the Year Abroad in Korea!