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Facilities and services

The department provides extensive and specialist facilities for research and teaching. Key facilities and services include:

Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility (biOMICS)Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility (BioMicS)

As part of the Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Centre, the biOMICS facility provides a wide range of mass spectrometry analyses that includes molecular identification, characterisation, post-translational modification analysis, proteomic and metabolomic profiling.


Drosophila FacilityDrosophila Facilities

The fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, provides a powerful tool to study molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying animal development, physiology and ageing, and has played a crucial role in the identification of many human disease pathways. A laboratory is dedicated to servicing these experiments and includes technicians to support the breeding and feeding programs.

Fly Facility

Electronics WorkshopElectronics Workshop

The Electronics Workshop assists in the development, maintenance and safety of research and teaching facilities. It covers a diverse range of equipment in contemporary biomedical science.

Electronics Workshop

High Content ScreeningHigh Content Screening/Time-Lapse Microscopy

Housed within the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility (SRSF), this facility provides high throughput analysis of stem cell cultures and a time lapse microscope culture laboratory that allows for detailed multi-wavelength analysis of cell proliferation and phenotype over extended times in culture.

SRSF Facilities

Light Microscopy Facility (LMF)Light Microscopy Facility

The Wolfson Light Microscope Facility (LMF) is a Faculty of Science unit. We offer training and guidance in the use of a wide range of advanced microscopy techniques and systems.  Users of all levels of expertise are catered for. We provide a range of confocal microscopes, widefield systems and image analysis software.

 LMF Facility

ZebrafishZebrafish Facility

Housed  within the Bateson Centre, the Zebrafish facility has four independent zebrafish aquarium systems with a total capacity of approximately 23,000 litres. This allows a large number of research groups to undertake a diverse range of experimentation. 

Zebrafish Facility

Screening services

The Sheffield Zebrafish Screening Unit

The Sheffield Zebrafish Screening Unit provides a dedicated facility for whole-organism (zebrafish) in vivo screens for researchers that are studying a range of developmental and disease mechanisms. 

The unit may also be used to identify new potential therapeutic small molecules or test drug toxicities. It supports innovative collaborations with both academic and industrial partners.

Bateson Facilities

The Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility (SRSF)

The Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility provides a service for whole genome screening experiments at low cost.

In addition, the facility provides specialist equipment to assist the wider scientific community in carrying out high-throughput RNAi screens with Drosophila cells.

Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility