Research facilities

We provide extensive and specialist facilities for research and teaching across the department. As well as individual academic staff laboratories, we house three major research centres.

Key facilities include:

Light Microscopy FacilityLight Microscopy Facility
The Wolfson Light Microscope Facility (LMF) is a Faculty of Science unit. We offer training and guidance in the use of a wide range of advanced microscopy techniques and systems.  Users of all levels of expertise are catered for. We provide a range of confocal microscopes, widefield systems and image analysis software. Read more.
Electron MicroscopyElectron Microscopy
This comprises The Wellcome Centre for Electron Microscopy, the Structural Biology Group facility within MBB, and the Histology and Histochemistry laboratory within BMSRead more.
Electronics WorkshopElectronics Workshop
We have an Electronics Workshop that assists the development, maintenance and safety of research and teaching facilities. It covers a diverse range of equipment in contemporary biomedical science. Read more.
Drosophila FacilitiesDrosophila Facilities
Many complex, temperature dependent genetic experiments are performed on Drosophila. A laboratory is dedicated to servicing these experiments and includes technicians to support the breeding and feeding programs. Read more.
ZebrafishZebrafish Facilities (Bateson)
The Zebrafish facility has four independent zebrafish aquarium systems with a total capacity of approximately 23,000 litres. This allows a large number of research groups to undertake a diverse range of experimentation.  Read more.
Stem Cell Derivation FacilityStem Cell Derivation Facility (CSCB )
A state-of-the-art clean room facility for the generation and storage of stem cell lines, and master cell banks, for future clinical therapies. Read more.
Flow CytometryFlow Cytometry (CSCB )
CSCB has comprehensive equipment and expertise for flow cytometry and data analysis. Antibody markers for stem cells are generated, purified and conjugated in our antibody preparation laboratory. Read more.
High Content ScreeningHigh Content Screening / Time-Lapse Microscopy (CSCB )
This facility provides high throughput analysis of stem cell cultures and a time lapse microscope culture laboratory that allows for detailed multi-wavelength analysis of cell proliferation and phenotype over extended times in culture. Read more.
iPS Laboratory / Viral TransductioniPS Laboratory / Viral Transduction (CSCB )
This facility is a Class II containment laboratory for the production of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) from (human) fibroblasts and other cell types. Read more.
 Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility (BioMicS)biOMICS Mass Spectrometry Facility
biOMICS is the  Faculty of Science Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility. We provide a wide range of mass  spectrometric analyses that includes molecular identification, characterisation, post-translational modification  analysis, proteomic and metabolomic profiling. Read more.

Screening services

The Bateson Small Molecule Screening Unit

The Bateson's Small Molecule Screening Unit provides a dedicated facility for whole-organism (zebrafish) in vivo screens for researchers that are studying a range of developmental and disease mechanisms.  The unit may also be used to identify new potential therapeutic small molecules or test drug toxicities. It supports innovative collaborations with both academic and industrial partners.

Bateson Small Molecule Screening Unit

The Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility (SRSF)

The SRSF - the UK's only RNAi screening centre - is a service for whole genome screening experiments at low cost. The facility provides specialist equipment to assist the wider scientific community in carrying out high-throughput RNAi screens with Drosophila cells.