Ania Jones

Ania Jones

Degree: MSc Human Anatomy with Education

Following her undergraduate studies here in Sheffield, Ania chose to study MSc Human Anatomy with Education as a more vocational, hands-on course.

"After studying undergraduate Biomedical Science at Sheffield University, I was especially intrigued by the prospect of pursuing Anatomy further due to my growing interest during Level 2 'Introduction to Human Anatomy' and Level 3 'Forensic Anatomy'; the University of Sheffield being renowned due to having the only undergraduate biomedical science course to offer human dissection.

"I have always particularly enjoyed the more practical components of my undergraduate course, wanting to study something more vocational at postgraduate level. This is extremely relevant to the educational focus of my current MSc in 'Anatomy with Education', with the unique position of acting as both students and academic staff, being specifically trained to address the shortage of anatomical educators in the UK.

"I extremely enjoy how "hands-on" and interactive my current postgraduate course is, as well as focussing in on one specific area of my biomedical science undergraduate degree that I was particularly passionate about, and becoming more specialist in this. On a weekly basis I have the opportunity to teach Level 2 students in their 'Introduction to Human Anatomy' module, which I find so rewarding, being able to observe their fascination with the subject, instilling knowledge and enthusiasm onto them through human dissection.

"The University of Sheffield offers a huge variety of relevant work experience/ volunteering and extra-curricular activities to get involved with; another significant personal reason to continue with studying here."