Kelila Chai

Degree: MSc Biomedical Science

Home country: Singapore

Kelila Chai 500

Kelila came from Singapore to study MSc Biomedical Science with us at Sheffield. Throughout her course, Kelila most enjoyed taking part in lab sessions and completing her extended research project, forging great connections with her lecturers and peers along the way.

"Choosing to do my masters degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield was a very rewarding experience and a journey that I absolutely enjoyed. The coursework, lab sessions and lectures were engaging, practical and challenging. The seminars and career work fairs organized were wonderful and helpful in allowing us to know what is currently done in the field and help prepare us for the future. I particularly enjoyed all my lab sessions and the time spent doing my research project! We got to do a variety of different lab techniques that would be essential for future employment.

"Most importantly however, are the great connections I've forged during the short time here. The lecturers are all helpful and ready to answer any questions we have, and I thank Professor Steve Winder and Dr Kai Erdmann in particular for all the help they have rendered me during my time here. They are really caring and ensured that I had the support I needed during a difficult time. I would not have be able to get through it without the help of my lecturers and the support of my peers.

"The University of Sheffield has done a great job in equipping us students for future employment and they have wonderful teaching staff who go above and beyond for their students. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained and am proud to be an alumni of the university."