Xiao (Arling) Zhao

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Research Student


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Xiao (Arling) Zhao
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building (Broad Lane Building)
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Research interests

Research Project: Development of low-cost and low-carbon fibre-reinforced concrete for additive construction

Additive construction technology (ACT) can allow the free-form construction of concrete structures without the use of expensive and waste-generating formwork. However, the current progress of this technology is limited by the range of additively manufactured concretes and reinforcing methods. The amount of cementitious binder in the currently available additively manufactured concrete mixtures is more than 40% higher than that in the conventionally mould-cast concrete mixture. This limits the materials environmental sustainability of the current ACT. In addition, the high cement content in additively manufactured concretes results in high cost, autogenous shrinkage, and heat of hydration. Conventional steel reinforcements are also difficult to be incorporated into ACT. To tackle the above-mentioned challenges, this project aims to develop a low-cost and low-carbon fibre-reinforced concrete suitable for the additive construction of concrete structures. This project is expected to enhance the sustainability and cost efficiency of ACT in the construction industry.

Research group

Structural Engineering & Materials