The economics of the firm and industrial economics

This area conducts research in the field of industrial economics (industrial organisation) and the performance of firms. Members of the group conduct a mix of theoretical and applied empirical work. The cluster is led by Dr Ian Gregory-Smith.

Current research topics
  • Executive compensation and corporate governance
  • Financial constraints and firm performance
  • Financial markets and banking
  • Firm Networks
  • Income and employment effects of mergers and firm closures
  • Innovation and productivity
  • Innovation and trade
  • International industrial organisation
  • IO theory and environmental economics
  • Models of trade with firm heterogeneity
  • Pharmaceutical patents
  • Regulation and competition in networks
  • Transaction costs and firms

Department Research Innovation Project (DRIP)

Members of the cluster were successful in bidding for the Departmental Research Investment Project (DRIP) in 2013/4 and again in 2014/5. These 12 month projects provide internal funds to explore exciting new areas of research and pump prime external bids to major research funding councils.

Director Networks and Innovation 2013/2014

Principle Investigator: Dr Antonio Navas
Co-Investigators: Dr Michele Bernini, Dr Georgios Efthyvoulou, Dr Ian Gregory-Smith and Dr Jolian McHardy

Read details of the research from the working paper Interlocking Directorships and Patent Coordination.

Executive Pensions 2014/2015

Principle Investigator: Dr Ian Gregory-Smith
Co-Investigators: Dr Alberto Montagnoli, Damon Morris, Professor Peter Wright

The aim of this research project is to examine the significance and role that pensions play in the remuneration and provisions of incentives to executives in the United Kingdom. This will inform the current public debate relating to executive pay and pensions more generally.