Economics of health and wellbeing

Several members of staff are working in this area. We have close links with the Health Economics and Decision Science (HEDS) section of the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) and there are also many synergies with the labour and education economics research group. Members of the group also have research interests in behavioural economics and economic psychology.

The contact person for the economics of health and wellbeing area is Dr Arne Risa Hole.

Research in this area includes:

  • health and labour market outcomes
  • the determinants of subjective wellbeing
    • financial shocks, debt and wellbeing
    • economic conditions and wellbeing
    • commuting and wellbeing  
  • child development, health and wellbeing
    • economic resources and child development
    • racism and child health/development
  • efficiency and equity in health and health care provision
  • health system financing and performance
  • the measurement and valuation of health
  • health econometrics
  • stated preference methods