Sheffield Urban, International Trade and Environmental Economics (SUITE)

Sheffield Urban, Trade and Environmental Economics (SUTE) theme picture

The group brings together all researchers working in topics related to urban and regional economics, international economics and trade, and environmental economics. Part of the activities of the group include the development of new research ideas, common projects, knowledge exchange initiatives and grants applications, the discussion of novel theoretical and empirical contributions in these fields, and the organisations of seminars and conferences.

Research group leader

Enrico Vanino

Academic staff

Jesse Matheson

Jolian McHardy

Antonio Navas

Gwilym Pryce

Antonio Russo

Cristina Sechel

Eleni Stathopoulou

Representative publications

Adetutu M, Odusanya K, Eleni Stathopoulou & Weyman-Jones T (2022) Environmental regulation, taxes, and activism. Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming.

Casadei P., Lee N. and Enrico Vanino (2022) Trade in creative services: relatedness and regional specialisation in the UK. Regional Studies, forthcoming.

Corradini C. and Enrico Vanino (2022) Path dependency, regional variety and the dynamics of new firm creation in rooted and pioneering industries. Journal of Economic Geography, 22 (3): 631-651.

Espinola-Arredondo A, Eleni Stathopoulou & Munoz-Garcia F (2022) Regulators and environmental groups: better together or apart? Environment and Development Economics, 27(1): 40-66.

Foureaux-Koppensteiner M., Jesse Matheson, and R. Plugor (2022) The impact of improving access to support services for victims of domestic violence on demand for services and victim outcomes. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming.

Guven G., Inci E. and Antonio Russo (2022) Competition, Concentration and Percentage Rents in Retail Leasing. Real Estate Economics, forthcoming. 

Owen, G., Gwilym Pryce et al. (2022) Residential segregation of migrants. Urban Studies, forthcoming.

Zhang, M., Gwilym Pryce et al. (2022) Effects of social housing regeneration schemes on employment: The case of the Glasgow Stock Transfer. Urban Studies, 59(13), 2756–2773.

Adetutu MO & Eleni Stathopoulou (2021) Information asymmetry in voluntary environmental agreements: theory and evidence from UK climate change agreements. Oxford Economic Papers, 73(2): 644-670.

Adler M., F. Liberini, Antonio Russo and J. van Ommeren (2021) The Congestion Relief Benefit of Public Transit. Evidence from Rome. Journal of Economic Geography, 21: 397-431.

Antonio Navas and Nocco A. (2021) Trade Liberalisation, Selection and technology adoption with vertical linkages. Review of International Economics, 29(4): 970-1012.

De Fraja G., Jesse Matheson and J. Rockey (2021) Zoomshock: The geography and local labour market consequences of working from home. Covid Economics: Vetted and Real-Time Papers. 64:1-41.

Antonio Navas, Serti F. and Tomasi C. (2020) The role of gravity forces on firm’s trade. Canadian Journal of Economics, 53(3): 1059-1097.

Foureaux Koppensteiner M. and Jesse Matheson (2020) Secondary Schools and Teenage Childbearing: Evidence from the School Expansion in Brazilian Municipalities. The World Bank Economic Review.

Cuberes D, Roberts J & Cristina Sechel (2019) Household location in English cities. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 75: 120-135.

Enrico Vanino, Roper S. and Becker B. (2019). Knowledge to money: Assessing the business performance effects of publicly-funded R&D grants. Research Policy, 48(7): 1714-1737.

Jabbour L., Tao Z., Enrico Vanino and Zhang Y. (2019). The good, the bad and the ugly: Chinese imports, EU anti-dumping measures and firm performance. Journal of International Economics, 117: 1-20.

Lim, F. K. S., Carrasco, L. R., Jolian McHardy and Edwards, D. P. (2019). Land rents drive oil palm expansion dynamics in Indonesia. Environmental Research Letters, 14(7): 074024.

Funded research projects

Centre for Care – ESRC (2022).

COVID-19 urban density mapping project – Regional Studies Association (2020).

Life at the Frontier Director - ESRC/Nordforsk (2020). 

Recensus of Malua Liana Cutting Experiment – NERC (2022).

Renewable energy transition and the local economic development of lagging-behind regions – Regional Studies Association (2022).

Smart Value Generation by Building Efficiency and Energy Justice for Sustainable Living - EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (2021).

Social, economic, and cultural impacts of land-use strategies - White Rose Collaboration Fund (2020).

Knowledge Exchange Initiatives

COVID-19 Places Economic Recovery Index (CoPERI), with South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Explore the impact of unpaid care on social mobility and employment trajectories, with Carers UK.

Pilot correspondence study of housing discrimination against ethnic minorities, with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Project 360 Domestic Violence Intervention, with Ministry of Justice.

Road Congestion and Economic Policy, with the University of Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB).

The environmental and welfare implications of parking policies, with the OECD.

Towards the implementation of a regional skills policy framework, with South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.


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