EMD Homepage

The Electrical Machines and Drives (EMD) Research Group is a world leader in the field of electrical machines, power electronics, controls, and energy conversion and storage systems.

With an outstanding track record for innovation, and for promoting the commercial exploitation of its research findings, the group is particularly well-known for its pioneering research on permanent magnet machines and drives for applications ranging from automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, marine, industrial, to consumer product sectors.

The group has helped to achieve many synergies in terms of the demand for higher power densities, increased energy efficiency, improved reliability and reduced maintenance, and greater functionality.

A clear indication of the expertise and research and design strength of the EMD Group is that it hosts 6 industrially funded research centres, including Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Advanced Electrical Machines and Sheffield Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Research Centre, as well as 3 spin-out companies. It also hosts two UK government funded research hubs, including the £28M Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub