Face Database

The Sheffield (previously UMIST) Face Database consists of 564 images of 20 individuals (mixed race/gender/appearance). Each individual is shown in a range of poses from profile to frontal views - each in a separate directory labelled 1a, 1b, ... 1t and images are numbered consecutively as they were taken. The files are all in PGM format, approximately 220 x 220 pixels with 256-bit grey-scale.

The authors grant the right to use the face database with the following restrictions:

  • Only images of individuals 1a and 1e may be published (and then only with permission). This is not out of vanity, but for legal reasons.
  • Acknowledgement of use of this database should be provided in any publication. We would, of course, be very interested to hear about any publications.

The database has been used in several of our publications, for example:

Characterizing Virtual Eigensignatures for General Purpose Face Recognition

Daniel B Graham and Nigel M Allinson.
(in) Face Recognition: From Theory to Applications ,
NATO ASI Series F, Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol. 163.
H. Wechsler, P. J. Phillips, V. Bruce, F. Fogelman-Soulie and T. S. Huang (eds), pp 446-456, 1998.

Example Images

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