Centre for Poetry and Poetics: Remembering the Logoclast - Alan Halsey

Poster for event - Centre for Poetry and Poetics: Remembering the Logoclast - Alan Halsey
Centre for Poetry and Poetics: Remembering the Logoclast - Alan Halsey

Event details

Thursday 4 May 2023
The Diamond LT6, The Diamond, The University of Sheffield, 32 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, S3 7RD
This event will be in person, but we'll be livestream as well, if you're unable to attend.


Centre for Poetry and Poetics: Remembering the Logoclast - Alan Halsey
- a special memorial event hosted by Dr Agnes Lehoczky, Director of the Centre for Poetry and Poetics; a night of tributes paid by fellow writers, artists, publishers - gathering together from across the country for the evening to remember & celebrate the poet, friend, artist, bookseller and logoclast Alan Halsey, his life and his work.

A fond farewell to the beloved poet, artist, composer, publisher, editor, bibliophile, logoclast, scholar, humourist and staunch toper Alan Halsey (1949-2022). Alan Halsey ran The Poetry Bookshop in Hay-on-Wye for almost twenty years before marrying fellow poet Geraldine Monk and moving to Sheffield where he continued to work as a specialist bookseller. Collections of his poetry include Five Years Out (Galloping Dog 1989), Wittgenstein’s Devil (Stride 2000), Marginalien (Five Seasons 2005), Not Everything Remotely (Salt 2006), Term as in Aftermath (Ahadada 2009) and Even if only out of (Veer 2011). From 1979-97 he ran The Poetry Bookshop in Hay-on-Wye and edited West House Books 1995-2011. Five Seasons also published The Text of Shelley’s Death (1995) and Lives of the Poets (2009). As poet and graphic artist he published collaborations with Karen Mac Cormack (Fit To Print, Coach House 1998), Gavin Selerie (Days of ’49, West House 1999), Kelvin Corcoran (Your Thinking Tracts or Nations, West House 2001, and Into the Interior, Shearsman, 2022), Steve McCaffery (Paradigm of the Tinctures, Granary 2007) and others. He edited Thomas Lovell Beddoes’ Death’s Jest-Book for West House in 2003 and The Ivory Gate, a collection of Beddoes’ later work, for ReScript Books in 2011. He later edited Bill Griffiths’ collected poems in three volumes for Reality Street. His text-graphic work included Memory Screen, shown at the Bury Text Festival in 2005, and In White Writing (Xexoxial 2012). He co-directed the antichoir Juxtavoices with Martin Archer and the group’s album Juxtanother antichoir from Sheffield appeared on Discus Records in 2013. His final full-length publication was Remarks of Uncertain Consequence (Five Seasons Press, 2022) shortly before his death. Other recent publications included Selected Poems 1988-2016, Shearsman and Winterreisen, a collaboration with Kelvin Corcoran, Knives Forks & Spoons. He was an Affiliated Poet at Sheffield University’s Centre for Poetry and Poetics.


Tim Allen
Martin Archer
Andrew Brewerton
Kelvin Corcoran
Ian Davidson
Dan Eltringham
Patricia Farrell
Allen Fisher
Tony Frazer
Harry Gilonis
Jeff Hilson
Elizabeth James
Ágnes Lehóczky
Tony Lopez
Geraldine Monk
Simon Perril
Adam Piette
Frances Presley
Gavin Selerie
Robert Sheppard
Simon Smith
Glenn Storhaug
Harriet Tarlo
Scott Thurston

Please come and join the celebration in person on:

4th of May – 6pm (on the dot); doors open at 5.45, please come on time.
Diamond, - LT 6,
The University of Sheffield

We would love you to be there in person and the set up of this evening is essentially designed for an in person event but if you are unable to travel to Sheffield, please join us online by no later than 17.50pm so we can start the event on time: meet.google.com/vsj-eauy-jfc

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