Wellbeing Blog Update #1

5 ways to create a little 'you time'

Ines, sat in a field, with houses in the background on a clear day.

5 ways to create a little 'you time' 


1. Breath in and out… 

A simple, yet brilliant way of bringing yourself away from your current situation and giving yourself some individual space. The 4,7,8 pattern is a great technique to maximise your breath, increase focus on yourself and recentre your thoughts. This consists of breathing in for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 7 seconds and breathing out for 8 seconds. Why not check out the Calm website or app to learn more? 

2. Get out and about 

Walking the dog, popping to the shops or just a quick stroll around the park during your lunch are perfect ways to capture some ‘you time’ throughout the day. Walking has been shown to be an effective tool in helping reduce stress, reinvigorating your concentration and a whole host of additional health benefits. Plus the sunshine is always lovely on a summer's day. 

3. Turn your alarm on!

Alarms can be the bane of our lives, particularly ahead of a long day. But setting regular reminders, alarms at specific intervals or even just a final klaxon to round off a long day of studying - these easy to use features can really help bring focus and structure to your day. 

4. Fuel the right way

Without a doubt a takeaway is always the easier option - particularly after a long slog in the library. But staying organised with food preparation, shopping at local markets or even just grabbing a fruit based smoothie treat is a brilliant way to stay on top of your 5-a-day and keep your brain going. We can’t mention food without water and here’s your reminder to stay on top of your hydration. 

5. Let’s get active (with our favourite sports and exercises)

Even just 30 minutes of heart rate increasing exercise is a brilliant way to keep your body refreshed and mind active. Surveys have shown that individuals who workout multiple times a week are less likely to experience stress, sleep deprivation and on the whole are often in a better mood throughout the day. So why not try something new by heading to one of the regular fitness classes on campus throughout the week.

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