Honorary staff




Research Interest
ADAMSON, Emeritus Professor Silvia s.adamson@sheffield.ac.uk Linguistics & Literary History; English Grammar Past & Present; Renaissance Rhetoric.
BEAL, Prof Joan j.c.beal@sheffield.ac.uk History and Dialects of English.
BOWLER, Dr Rebecca r.bowler@sheffield.ac.uk Modernist literature and visual culture; Domestic space in Twentieth-Century women's writing; Dorothy Richardson; May Sinclair; Katherine Mansfield.
DEWAR-WATSON, Dr Sarah s.dewar-watson@sheffield.ac.uk

Early Modern drama; Early Modern medicine; the reception of classical texts (esp. Greek tragedy) from the Sixteenth Century to the present day.

DUFFIELD, Professor Nigel n.g.duffield@sheffield.ac.uk Language acquisition; Syntax; Psycholinguistics.
FOSTER, Dr Shirley shirley@lettuce.force9.co.uk Victorian Women's Fiction; Anglo-American Travel Writing.
GOODRICH, Dr Jaime   Early modern literature; Women writers; Religious literature.
FERGUSON, Dr Gibson g.r.ferguson@sheffield.ac.uk Language Policy; Global English; English for Specific Purposes.
HAFFENDEN, Emeritus Professor John j.haffenden@sheffield.ac.uk Shakespeare, Early Modern Drama and Cultural studies.
HALLETT, Dr Nicky n.a.hallett@sheffield.ac.uk Women's writing; Auto/biography; Medieval and Early Modern Literature.
HANSON, Dr Ingrid i.h.hanson@sheffield.ac.uk Victorian literature, culture and the representation of political violence, war and peace from the mid-Nineteenth Century to the early Twentieth Century.
HARRIS, Dr Frances   Stuart political literature and historiography; Early modern court studies; friendship; women and religion; Early modern manuscript texts and archives.
HATTAWAY, Emeritus Professor Michael hattaway1@mac.com  
HAWTHORN, Ruth r.hawthorn@sheffield.ac.uk Detective fiction; twentieth-century American poetry; the novelist and screenwriter, John Fante.
ROBERTS, Emeritus Professor Neil n.j.roberts@sheffield.ac.uk Twentieth-Century Poetry; D.H.Lawrence; Victorian Fiction.
SCHWARTZ-LEEPER, Dr Gavin g.schwartzleeper@sheffield.ac.uk Tudor political literature; Historiography; Authority; Early English drama; Medieval and early modern manuscript and archive culture.
SMITH, Dr Adam James adam.smith@sheffield.ac.uk 18th-century print culture, political literature and archival practices
WOOD, Dr Chris c.wood@sheffield.ac.uk Art Music and Drama Therapists
WOOLFORD, Prof John mfatsjw2@yahoo.co.uk The Poetry of Browning; Victorian Periodicals; Sensation Fiction.

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