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Academic and Teaching
Name e-mail Internal Extension Research Interests


BABBAGE, Dr Frances 28479 Contemporary Theatre and Performance; Adaptation;
Applied Theatre Practices; Devising and Documentation.
BARNSLEY, Dr Veronica 20237 Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures (particularly South Asia and West Africa), Global Modernisms, Childhood in Contemporary Fiction and Film, Children's Literature
BARTON, Dr Anna 28483 Nineteenth-Century Poetry, Print Culture;
Nonsense Literature.
BRAY, Prof Joe 28489 Stylistics; The Eighteenth-Century Novel; Experimental Literature.


CALLAGHAN, Dr Madeleine 28461 Romantic and Post-Romantic Poetry; 20th Century British and Irish Poetry.
COLLIGNON, Dr Fabienne 20242 Cold War culture; technology; technologised spaces; American literature since 1900; genre fiction & film.


EBURY, Dr Katherine 26295 Modernism (especially Joyce, Yeats and Beckett); literature and science; Irish Studies; and modern and contemporary poetry.
EDWARDS, Dr Katie 20509
ELLIS, Dr Jonathan 28465 Twentieth-Century Poetry; Letter Writing, Contemporary Cinema.


FITZMAURICE, Prof Susan 20213 Historical Sociolinguistics; Historical Pragmatics; World Englishes.
FORREST, Dr David 28493 British Cinema; British Television Drama; Space and Place in Film.


GAVINS, Prof Joanna 20214 Stylistics; Cognitive Poetics; Text-Worlds; Absurdist Literature.
GIL, Dr Kook-Hee 20229 Syntax; Semantics; Generative Second Language Acquisition.


HARWOOD, Dr Nigel 28464 Academic writing; English for specific and academic purposes; Materials and textbook design; Corpus-driven pedagogy

Haghi, Saeede Ide

English for academic purposes; Needs analysis, Assessment, Language assessment; Assessing listening and speaking , Formative assessment; Stakeholders’ perception of tests,

HINE, Dr Iona Early modern bible translation, historical linguistics, Reformation Studies, religious literacy, and William Blake
HOBBS, Dr Valerie 20228 English for Specific Purposes, Second Language Writing, Corpus Linguistics, Language Teacher Education, Reformed Christian Discourse.
HODSON, Prof Jane 28471 Stylistics; Romantic Literature; Dialect in Literature.
HOLLO, Dr Kaarina 28484 Medieval Irish Literature; Translation into/from Irish.
HOWLEY, Dr Gerry sociolinguistics; sociophonetics; second language acquisition; acquisition of variation in a second language; mixed methods research; ethnography


IFILL, Dr Helena 28474 Victorian Literature and Science Writing; Sensation Fiction; the Periodical Press.


KINDELLAN, Dr Michael 28474 20th century Anglo-American poetry and poetics; editorial theory; textual studies; Ezra Pound; pedagogy


LADKIN, Dr Sam 28496 Modern and Contemporary American Poetry; Contemporary British Poetry; Interdisciplinarity (Art & Poetry); the Avant-Garde; the New York School; Phenomenology; Contemporary Theatre; Queer Theory; Creative Writing.
LEHOCZKY, Dr Agnes   Modernist and Postmodernist Poetry and Poetics, - particularly the Modernist Ágnes Nemes Nagy's Poetry and Essays.
LEVICK, Dr Carmen 20212 Physical Theatre; Shakespeare in Performance; Contemporary European Theatre.


MALAY, Dr Michael Modern and contemporary poetry;
Animal studies;
Environmental writing.
MATHISON, Dr Hamish 28456 Robert Burns; Print Culture; Scottish Poetry; Eighteenth-Century Literature.
McDONNELL, Dr Bill 28486 20th Century Political Theatre(s): Applied Theatre: Theatre Historiography.
McKAY, Dr Robert 28492 Twentieth Century Literature; Animal Studies; Postcolonialism.
MEHL, Dr Seth Corpus linguistics, lexical semantics, history of the English language, World Englishes
MILLER, Dr John 20194 Victorian Literature and Culture; Ecocriticism; Animal Studies; Colonialism/Postcolonialism/Globalization.
MONTGOMERY, Dr Chris 28470 Dialectology, Sociolinguistics, Varieties of English, Perceptual Dialectology, Folk Linguistics, Language Attitudes
MOORE, Dr Emma 20232 Identity; Gender; Dialectology; Ethnography; Style; Language Variation and Change.
MULDERRIG, Dr Jane 28497 Critical Discourse Analysis; Corpus-based CDA; Identity; Political Discourse; Ageing and the Elderly.


NEVITT, Dr Marcus 28487 Cheap Print; Literature of the 1650s; Royalism; Seventeenth-Century Journalism; The Works of Sir William Davenant.
NICHOLSON, Prof Steve 28491 Theatre & Performance; Contemporary Playwrights; British Political Theatre; Theatre Censorship.


ORFITELLI, Dr Robyn 20224 Syntax; First language acquisition; Prosody/Intonation; Experimental methodology
OZON, Gabriel 28487 Syntax of Light Verb Constructions


PIETTE, Prof Adam (Head of the School) 28494 War Studies; Modernist Literature; Translation; Contemporary Poetry.
PONG, Dr Beryl 28458 Modernism; British and global Anglophone literature; war studies; short fiction; narrative; film


RAYNER, Dr Jonathan 28457 Australasian Cinema; Cinema and Landscape; Naval Films; Genre Films.
REGIS, Dr Amber 28469 Victorian Literature; Auto/Biography; Gender and Sexuality; Adaptation Studies.
RHATIGAN, Dr Emma 28476 Early Modern Religious Writing; Sermons; John Donne.
RUTTER, Dr Tom 28473 Early modern drama; Shakespeare; Marlowe; playing companies.


SEN, Dr Ranjan (Deputy head of the School) 20233 Phonology; Phonetics; Historical Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Comparative Philology.
SHRANK, Prof Cathy 28485

Early Modern Literature; Dialogue; Sonnets; Humanism.

SMITH, Prof Andrew 20217

Nineteenth Century Literature, Gothic, literature and Science.

STEADMAN-JONES, Dr Richard 20218 Colonial Culture; Exile Narratives; History of Linguistic Ideas; Arts Practice; Grammar and Rhetoric.
STEENBRUGGE, Dr Charlotte 28642 Medieval Literature; Medieval Drama in Performance.
STENNER, Dr Rachel 20193 Early modern and medieval literature, print culture, periodisation, postcolonial literature.
STONE, Prof Brendan 28495 Literature and Trauma; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Theory.


VAN DUYVENBODE, Dr Rachel 28482 American Literature; Race and Gender Studies; Whiteness in Literature.
VAN OOSTRUM, Dr Duco 28468 American Literature; Sports Culture; African-American Literature and Film; Auto/Biography; and 1970s Culture.
VICE, Prof Sue 28475 Modern and Contemporary Literature; Holocaust Studies; Film.


WALKER, Dr Gareth 20238 Phonetics; Conversation Analysis; Phonetics of talk-in-interaction.
WARREN, Dr Meredith 20502
WILLIAMS, Dr Graham 28460 Historical Pragmatics; Historical Stylistics; Medieval and Early Modern Letters.
WHITELEY, Dr Sara 28498 Stylistics; Cognitive Poetics; Emotion; Reader Response.
WRIGHT, Prof Angela 28488 Romanticism; Gothic; Eighteenth-Century Literature; Translation; Women's Writing.


ZERIHAN, Dr Rachel 20235 Experimental Theatre Practices; Contemporary Performance; Live Art.
Name e-mail Internal Extension Position Work Hours
28451 School Manager. Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
BRADLEY, Emma 20241 English Literature and Theatre PhD admissions;
Secretary to Head of School;
Academic Visitor Co-ordinator;
Safety Officer
Tues-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm
D'SILVA, Becky 28480 Student Liaison Assistant. Mon-Fri: 9.30am -1.30pm
HARRISON, Barbara 28453 Examinations Secretary (LIT). Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
HEMUS, Rob 28455 Theatre and Productions Manager. Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
LUND, Sidsel 28499 Staff and Student Support Secretary. Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm
LOWE, Jane
26296 English Literature Postgraduate Secretary;
English Literature MA Admissions.
Mon: 8:30am-2pm, Tues: 8:30am-2pm, Thurs: 8:30pm-3pm
PENKETHMAN, Helen 20210 Staff and Student Support Secretary. Wed: 9:45am-2:45pm, Thurs: 9:45am-2:45pm, Fri: 9:45am-2:45pm
SPENCE, Leesa 20220 Student Liaison Assistant Mon-Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm
WEGRZYNSKA, Michelle 20192 Office Manager Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
Name Email Internal Extension Research Interest
ADAMSON, Emeritus Professor Silvia ----- Linguistics & Literary History; English Grammar Past & Present; Renaissance Rhetoric.
BEAL, Prof Joan ----- History and Dialects of English.
BOWLER, Dr Rebecca ----- Modernist literature and visual culture;
Domestic space in Twentieth-Century women's writing;
Dorothy Richardson;
May Sinclair;
Katherine Mansfield.
DEWAR-WATSON, Dr Sarah -----

Early Modern drama;
Early Modern medicine; the reception of classical texts (esp. Greek tragedy) from the Sixteenth Century to the present day.

DUFFIELD, Professor Nigel ----- Language acquisition;
FOSTER, Dr Shirley ----- Victorian Women's Fiction; Anglo-American Travel Writing.
GOODRICH, Dr Jaime ----- Early modern literature;
Women writers;
Religious literature.
FERGUSON, Dr Gibson ----- Language Policy; Global English; English for Specific Purposes.
HAFFENDEN, Emeritus Professor John ----- Shakespeare, Early Modern Drama and Cultural studies.
HALLETT, Dr Nicky ----- Women's writing; Auto/biography; Medieval and Early Modern Literature.
HANSON, Dr Ingrid ----- Victorian literature, culture and the representation of political violence, war and peace from the mid-Nineteenth Century to the early Twentieth Century.
HARRIS, Dr Frances ----- Stuart political literature and historiography;
Early modern court studies; friendship; women and religion;
Early modern manuscript texts and archives.
HATTAWAY, Emeritus Professor Michael -----
HAWTHORN, Ruth ----- Detective fiction; twentieth-century American poetry; the novelist and screenwriter, John Fante.
ROBERTS, Emeritus Professor Neil ----- Twentieth-Century Poetry; D.H.Lawrence; Victorian Fiction.
SCHWARTZ-LEEPER, Dr Gavin ----- Tudor political literature;
Historiography; Authority;
Early English drama;
Medieval and early modern manuscript and archive culture.
SMITH, Dr Adam James ----- 18th-century print culture, political literature and archival practices
WOOD, Dr Chris ----- Art Music and Drama Therapists
WOOLFORD, Prof John ----- The Poetry of Browning; Victorian Periodicals; Sensation Fiction.
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