Favourite Food Spots in Sheffield

Moving to a new city for university is one of the most daunting steps a young person can take as you leave your family and familiar surroundings behind and venture out on your own...

Sheffield students sitting outside with drinks in Kelham Island

When you are making such major lifestyle changes, unexpected obstacles which you may have never considered before become arise. For many, that is not knowing where to eat out. If you are travelling from a different city or a different country, the food you will eat is the most comforting aspect of university life. Of course, you want to explore your palette and try new things, but you also do not want to waste your money on meals you might not enjoy. So, to elevate food struggles, I have comprised a directory of my favourite meal spots in Sheffield as well as the restaurant’s dietary inclusion. These are all my favourite spots to eat, and while tastes vary, I have taken many friends to these locations and there is always something for everyone!

Tamper Coffee, Sellers Wheel, Sheffield


Tamper Sellers Wheel (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Eggs Benedict, Weekly French Toast, Chipotle Beetroot and Halloumi Tacos)

Marmadukes (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Avocado Toast, Nduja and Sweet Potato Hash)

The Cabin (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Pancakes)

HowSt Cafe (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Loaded Bagels and Full English Breakfast)

Couch (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Vegetarian Breakfast)

Sheffield students sitting and talking in Nam Song

Lunch and Dinner

Nam Song (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Phở, Summer Rolls)

Let's Sushi (Vegetarian Options) (Favourite Meal: Chicken Teriyaki Rice, King Prawn Katsu, Chicken Wings, any sushi)

Efes (Halal) (Favourite Meal: Chicken or Lamb wrap)

Jimmy’s Kitchen (Halal) (Favourite Meal: Chicken Skewers)

Mr Miyagi's Sushi and Noodle Bar (I adore almost everything! Too many options to choose)

Lucky Fox (Chicken Burger, Chicken and Waffles)

Twisted Burger Company (Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Its The Sleeps Vegan Burger)

A photo of students laughing at Kommune

Special Occasion Meal

Tsuki (Halal) (Buffet Style Meal but delivered to the table)

The Botanist (Favourite Meal: Korean Chicken Burger, Hanging Kebab)

Akbar’s (Halal) (Favourite Meal: Family Naan, Butter Chicken, Lamb Chops, Fish Pakora)

Browns (Favourite Meal: Vegan and Vegetarian Options) (Lobster, Crab and Prawn Linguine

Written by Valentia Adarkwa-Afari, Digital Student Ambassador, on 17 February 2022.

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