The Watchers in the Sky - Part six

The Dog’s Role

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She stood as nude as she was inhuman,

the transition of Julie had begun –

her skins of purple shimmered on the light

where everything about her – all in sight –

was no longer Julie as Fred had known;

causing Bess lots of grief soon to be shown.

The shower had washed her old form away

to showcase, for them, her purple display.

A pool of person who once was Julie

dripped down the drain slowly, unusually.

There were clumps of her hair and bits of nail

that passing through the drainage holes would fail.

A resemblance of those creatures, she bore;

though a purple type from the night before.

Her figure was small – totally slender.

New-Julie was without clothes and gender.

Their loyal dog sat. Protectively growled.

Hoping to see that creature disembowelled.

With that look in her eye suggesting harm,

gone from their Bess was all her loving charm.

Waiting for her prey to make their first move,

waiting for her point, shortly, to be proved.

Much louder her whimpers and snarls did get,

but had not quite caught Fred’s attention yet.

Suddenly, New-Julie moved with much haste –

an opportunity Bess could not waste!

Before that creature had got very far,

Bess latched firmly on to the creature’s arm,

New-Julie was shocked, so, she screamed quite loud,

but Bess tried hard with what she was endowed.

Ripping and biting at the creature’s flesh –

Fred heard the commotion: “Is that you Bess?”

Secondly, he thought: “Possibly a ghost?”

whilst he finished his final slice of toast.

When he stood to investigate the noise,

he should have found Bess chewing on her toys.

Instead it was on his ex-lover’s self,

A lover not in normal, human health.

Fred was beginning to see what was wrong –

saw that the pair of them were both too strong.

The creature’s foul blood oozed thickly and white

from where the dog made her damaging bite.

With an evil menace, she was grinning;

and grabbed the throat of the dog, once winning.

Shocked! Fred pummelled the creature in the snout,

and down she tightly ripped the dog’s throat out.

Bess merely recoiled. The floor was flooded.

Dying on the ground, her fur all bloodied…

A poetry series by student DP


3 September 2021

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