Sheffield is just an incredible city with so much do and explore, from the nightlife, wide range of societies and the beautiful Peak District

A photo of Charlotte Van Bochoven
Charlotte Van Bochoven
First-year student
BA Linguistics and Modern Languages
Charlotte discusses what it's like to study a dual degree at Sheffield.
A photo of Charlotte Van Bochoven

Why did you choose to study at the University of Sheffield?

When first looking at Sheffield the course stood out to me, I hadn’t seen anywhere else where you could study linguistics with multiple languages (potentially from beginners level too). After looking around the open day and meeting the professors my choice was solidified. The opportunity to study Dutch was also very unique and appealed to me being half Dutch.

What do you enjoy most about your course, and why?

I’ve found being able to connect to much Dutch roots really incredible by both beginning to learn the language and understand the culture. Particularly the "Resist! The Art of Protest in Berlin and Amsterdam" module is really engaging and fascinating, I’m learning about different aspects of Dutch and German history that I’d never thought about before. The smaller sizes of the language classes and seminars allow for interesting discussions and debates.

What’s the best thing about being a dual honours student?

The combination of my chosen modules combines really well together, being able to understand the base of a language in linguistics is really applicable to understanding grammar constructions in Dutch and Spanish. I also love being able to continue my interests developed from A levels as well as being able to pursue different areas such as the variety of beginner languages and cultures modules available. Being able to switch subjects when you’ve had enough of something for one day is also a great added bonus.

What skills have you developed during your course that will be useful after you graduate?

Primarily learning two languages is an incredible skill that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Additionally, I’ve been able to develop skills of researching, team working and time management. Finally, learning about different cultures and history gives you a wider understanding of the world as well as a more open minded perspective.

Would you recommend studying a dual-honours degree at the University of Sheffield?

Definitely! Some might think it’s a lot of different things to balance (and it may be challenging at first, like any degree) but I think it’s incredible and offers the opportunity to be able to shape your degree into whatever you want, developing interests in such a wide range of areas, and experimenting with different modules to gage what it is that you really enjoy. Also, Sheffield is just generally an incredible city with so much do and explore, from the nightlife, wide range of societies and the beautiful Peak District on its doorstep.

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