Hannah Dibble: BA English and History

Hannah Dibble, English and History student, smiling at camera stood outside Blackwell's bookshop
Hannah Dibble
Undergraduate student
English and History
The diverse range of modules - including options in theatre and film studies - is what helped English and History student Hannah decide that Sheffield was the place for her.

Hannah Dibble, English and History student, smiling at camera stood outside Blackwell's bookshop

Why did you chose to study in Sheffield?

Sheffield had such a diverse range of topics to study – from cinema to theatre. You can always find something you are interested in.

What made the University of Sheffield particularly stand out for you?

It was such a friendly atmosphere, everyone seemed so passionate about their subject. It seemed like such a fun place to be.

What aspects of your degree do you find the most interesting? Is there a particular module you enjoy most?

I’ve really enjoyed the huge range of modules. I enjoyed my Hollywood Cinema and Reviewing Theatre modules as they were unlike anything else I did at A-Level.

What do you like about studying in the School of English?

Everyone is really passionate about their topic, and you can visit staff in their office hours to understand more about the subject.

Do you take part in any university or department activities as well as your studies?

I have joined dance, sign language, pole fitness and zumba. I’ve also started volunteering at the local foodbank.

What do you enjoy most about living in Sheffield?

I love the people here, everyone is so friendly and bubbly. I have found so many people that are like minded, and share my views.

What are your top tips for any student thinking about studying English in Sheffield?

Be sure you love reading, and be prepared to do a lot of secondary reading. Be confident with your ideas and interpretations.

What has surprised you the most about Sheffield? 

The hills! It is a lot more hilly than I expected and I walk so much more. 

What do you plan to do when you finish your degree? 

I’m not sure yet, but studying English and History gives me a lot of options. I would love to work in a creative industry.