Seven reasons to study literature at Sheffield

From our expert tuition on a wide range of modules to an active student community in a vibrant, friendly city, we list our seven favourite reasons to study literature here in Sheffield.

The Jessop West building

Deeply rooted in cultural history

Literature is so enormously tied to social, class and gender history, that it's impossible to engage with it without seeing the world through the lens of those who were writing and getting an impression of the lives and experiences that they lived through. Here at Sheffield, you'll be studying what it means to be human.

Research-led teaching

We think it's important to create a mutually-beneficial relationship in our classes. We want you engaged in our research, but we particularly want you engaged with the research of our staff and challenging what you're being taught. That's research-led teaching.

A solid grounding in literature

The core modules on our BA English Literature give you a chronological grounding in the history and theoretical basis of literary understanding, allowing you to specialise in your own personal interests through our diverse range of optional modules.

Prepared for the world of work

Our graduates go on to do everything, from banking, teaching and scriptwriting, through to less obvious careers like the police. Any destination that involves using language is perfect for an English student.

Sheffield Students' Union

Our Student's Union has won the award for being the best in the UK by various different bodies for about 15 years in a row. With over 300 clubs and societies for you to get involved in, as well as an in-house cinema, club nights, restaurants, bars, cafés, advice centres and much more, is it any wonder that it just keeps on winning?

We stretch your critical thinking

We encourage students to be adventurous in their exploration of literature; not to follow traditional routes of interpretation. We think about texts through new and different lenses through discussions with our colleagues.

The city

Everybody here is so enthusiastic about simply living, working, and even just existing in the city of Sheffield, that it creates a vibrant welcoming atmosphere, perfect for studying in. We're part and parcel of the city - there really isn't anywhere quite like Sheffield in terms of our community.

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