Our students

Our students enjoy studying history in Sheffield for lots of reasons, from the range of modules and teaching they experience to the support they receive and extra-curricular activities they can take advantage of. Not to mention all of the great things to get involved in at the University and in Sheffield itself. Watch the videos or click on a name below to find out more...

Dual degrees

"The University provides a great level of support to all students whilst further providing a large range of extracurricular activities."

"I enjoy being a dual History and Politics student due to the wide range of skills I gain from studying two subjects."

"My year abroad was a valuable and unforgettable experience which has definitely helped shape me as a person."

"My experience of history far exceeded what I expected. The degree has actually only increased my love for history. "

"I particularly enjoy the wide variation in topics - you can study so many time periods and geographical areas, from Ancient Rome to Modern India."

"After spending just over a year studying in Sheffield, I couldn't be more pleased with my university experience."

"I really enjoy having that extra freedom and choice of modules; the options in both History and English are expansive."

"I feel both components of my degree complement each other and give me a perspective on topics that I otherwise wouldn't have."

"Sheffield is a wonderful city. It's safe, sociable and friendly and has the best qualities of a city and a town rolled into one."

"The transition from A-level had been easier than I imagined, thanks to specific introductory modules such as History Workshop."

"I love the flexibility and opportunities that a dual degree brings - it has allowed me to become a balanced student, engaging with both History's past and Politics' present."

"I chose to study at the University of Sheffield as it was consistently ranked high in the league tables."

"I enjoy the balance between the two subjects as they are separate yet wholly interdependent and this relation is fascinating ."

"I enjoy the breadth of studying across two disciplines, the different methodology used and the variety of subjects I cover."

"My degree has really allowed me to explore the field of History and English and given me the flexibility to tailor my modules to my interests."

BA History

"I was really struck by how much the University had to offer, both in terms of academic opportunities and in terms of wider university life."

"So far I have had an incredibly positive experience. I was nervous to start university, but have found that I always have support."

"Sheffield provided the most flexibility with regard to both the geographical focus of history and potential to study modules outside of your specific degree."

"I don’t think that university will ever be how you imagined and, in many respects, it is a leap of faith. A leap of faith, however, that I am so glad I took."

"The global renown of the teaching and department as a whole was very impressive."

"Studying History at Sheffield so far has pushed and challenged me in the best possible way to learn new topics, periods and themes."

"The department have been just as helpful as I expected, and the course has actually been more interesting."

"The course content seemed to be just what I was looking for - giving me a broad width of experience but also allowing me to choose to pick my own modules.."

"My favourite element of my degree has to be the ability to personalise your degree with an amazing amount of choice."

"I am also now very adapt in writing essays and other pieces of writing, a skill useful in any work environment."

"It's great to have lecturers and seminar tutors who seem genuinely passionate about what they're teaching you."

"Studying in Sheffield has been a brilliant experience and one I wont forget. I've learned so many skills that will benefit me in general life."

"In particular I enjoy that I am able to learn through lectures then discuss in a smaller seminar group - my voice is heard."

"After attending an open day I chose Sheffield due to the warmth of the history department and the wider university community."

"The University has lived up to and surpassed my expectations both for teaching standard and for satisfaction."

"Sheffield had a great open day and I know several people who have taught and studied here who gave really high praise."

"I enjoy the degree of flexibility we have when choosing our own modules, this has really kept me engaged."

"Deciding to apply to Sheffield was by far one of the easiest decisions I had to make."

"Completing a SURE project and volunteering through the History Society have put my degree skills in real world contexts."

"I've taken part in the Witness Project and Hands on History which were both really great."

"Sheffield has been everything I could expect and more - from the course, to the city, to the university itself."