Our students

Our students enjoy studying history in Sheffield for lots of reasons, from the range of modules and teaching they experience to the support they receive and extra-curricular activities they can take advantage of. Not to mention all of the great things to get involved in at the University and in Sheffield itself. Watch the videos or click on a name below to find out more...

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Dual degrees

"I chose to study at the University of Sheffield as it was consistently ranked high in the league tables."

"I really enjoy having that extra freedom and choice of modules; the options in both History and English are expansive."

"After spending just over a year studying in Sheffield, I couldn't be more pleased with my university experience."

"My experience of history far exceeded what I expected. The degree has actually only increased my love for history. "

"I enjoy the balance between the two subjects as they are separate yet wholly interdependent and this relation is fascinating ."

"I take part in a project called Hands on History. It's such an excellent opportunity to gain experience with young people."

"Both departments offer a wide range of modules, giving me the chance to really personalise my degree to me."

"I enjoy the different skills that we are taught in both subjects, as well being able to have a greater variety of study."

"I enjoy the fact that I can study both my passions side-by-side. It is also rewarding to make inter-disciplinary links between the two subjects."

"I enjoy the breadth of studying across two disciplines, the different methodology used and the variety of subjects I cover."

"The transition from A-level had been easier than I imagined, thanks to specific introductory modules such as History Workshop."

"Doing a dual degree is great. History and Sociology compliment each other nicely, they have many linking themes and ideas."

"Being a dualist encourages critical and analytical thinking about literature and historical events. English and history compliment each other well."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying within both departments and found my lecturers to be very engaging and helpful."

"The layout of the course is very well done especially in terms of dual honours and the lecturers are always approachable and helpful."

BA History

"I chose to study at Sheffield after attending an open day. It felt inclusive and vibrant, which was exactly what I wanted."

"Studying History at Sheffield so far has pushed and challenged me in the best possible way to learn new topics, periods and themes."

"If I could relive my experience again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I could not recommend Sheffield enough."

"Deciding to apply to Sheffield was by far one of the easiest decisions I had to make."

"The department have been just as helpful as I expected, and the course has actually been more interesting."

"My special subject in final year is on the History of Emotions and I'm finding it to be fascinating."

"The global renown of the teaching and department as a whole was very impressive."

"I've discovered a real passion of mine is getting other people interested in history."

"I'm really excited about the study abroad opportunities that the university offers"

"Sheffield as a city is an amazing place to live - you are always discovering something and somewhere new."

"My favourite part about my degree is the seminars, where we get to exchange ideas with some of the top academics in the country"

"It's great to have lecturers and seminar tutors who seem genuinely passionate about what they're teaching you."

"I first looked at the University of Sheffield because of its academic and social reputation and after visiting on an open day it seemed like the perfect place."

"The wide range of modules means that there is always an option to study a topic I have not learnt about before."

"The history department have been so supportive. They have definitely shaped my university experience allowing me to fully engage with all modules I have taken."

"Completing a SURE project and volunteering through History Society have put my degree skills in real world contexts."

"I love the University of Sheffield because I feel it values every student who comes to study here."

"Studying history at the university is so much more than just a degree. It has a huge focus on gaining experience in the careers you want to follow."