Professor Adam Leaver

Management School

Chair in Accounting and Society
+44 114 222 3360

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Professor Adam Leaver
Management School
Room C061
Sheffield University Management School
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Adam Leaver is Professor in Accounting & Society and ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow. Prior to that he was Professor in Financialization and Management at the University of Manchester, and researcher at the Centre for Research In Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC).

He has published five co-authored books, four on financialization and financial crisis and one other on outsourcing.

His work appears in leading international peer-reviewed journals including Work, Employment & Society, British Journal of Management, Organization, Economy & Society, Critical Perspectives in Accounting, Review of International Political Economy, New Political Economy and The Journal of Cultural Economy.

His work takes a mixed-methods approach, including follow-the-money accounting and social network analysis to highlight the broader theme of improving social responsibility in financial services.

Research interests

Adam's current research interests include:

  • using social network analysis methods to map the social relationships that underlie certain complex securities markets
  • developing a relational theory of the firm to understand the impact of financialization in the corporate sphere
  • exploring the inter-temporal transfers and tensions that arise as a consequence of financialization
  • theorising the sociology of metric gaming in organisations.
Research group

Adam is available to supervise PhD students in the following areas:

  1. Critical accounting using 'follow-the-money' methods
  2. Financialization
  3. Heterodox economic/accounting approaches to financial crisis
  4. Economic sociology of finance
Teaching interests

Adam's teaching is research-led and uses 'follow-the-money' methods to explore contemporary economic issues.

His teaching uses case studies drawn from his research to illustrate broader economic themes and issues, with a strong social responsibility theme.

In the past this has included accounting analysis of pharmaceutical firms, banks, supermarkets, water companies, car manufacturers, new economy retailers and football clubs.

This approach allows students to enhance their practical accounting skills with topical and relevant cases, whilst as well as developing the transferable skills of critical reflection and independent thought.