Dr Claire Burdfield

Management School

Teaching Associate


Claire is a Teaching Associate on the Creative Cultural Industries Management MSc programme and on a number of marketing modules across the MIES division. Prior to Sheffield, Claire worked at the University of Nottingham, delivering modules on the Film, Television and Screen Industries MA programme and the International Media and Communications BA in the School of Culture, Film and Media.

She holds an AHRC funded PhD from the University of Nottingham, and her research focused on audience management strategies across media audiences.

She has cultivated relationships with external companies and agencies while working on research projects, working with 20th Century Fox, looking at audience perception of BEING: Liverpool, and recently with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to begin mapping the value of spreadable television content.

Claire was a consultant on the BAFTA Youth Board, and has been a part of the organisational team of the Sheffield based Children's Media Conference since 2013.

She won the Heymann Award at the Tri-Campus awards in 2016 for her research and contribution to the PhD community at Nottingham.

Research interests

Claire's research is concerned with how audiences are conceived and constructed by the creative cultural industries, and how this impacts on the strategies used to manage these audiences.

In particular she is concerned with the response to, and management of, 'Accidental Audiences', that is audiences that are not part of the intended audience for content, but engage with it anyway.

Her most recent research project was concerned with understanding how British broadcasters plan for and create spreadable media designed to be placed on social media, and what value is assigned to this content.

Teaching activities

Claire has gained a HEA accredited qualification in Higher Education Teaching. She is delivering tutorials and lectures across a number of modules within MIES.

In the 18/19 academic year she is teaching on:

  • MGT6045 Marketing
  • MGT6145 Marketing Management
  • MGT6180 Contemporary Marketing Practices
  • MGT6124 Critical Theory and Concepts in Creative Cultural Industries
  • MGT233 Essentials of Marketing
  • MGT6121 Managing Festivals, Events and Creative Performances
  • MGT6147 Retail and Services Marketing
  • MGT685 Branding
  • Supervising Masters dissertations.