Culture and creativity is what makes Sheffield so wonderful

Jazz Bovill outside the Management School.
Jazz Bovill
Postgraduate alumna
Creative and Cultural Industries Management MSc
Jazz Bovill graduated from Sheffield after studying a masters in Creative and Cultural Industries Management. She is now the Digital Marketing Manager at ZOO Digital.
Jazz Bovill outside the Management School.

Studying Creative and Cultural Industries Management was the perfect next step

I grew up in Sheffield with the culture and creativity that makes the city so wonderful, and studying these industries from a management perspective at one of the best management schools in the world was something I was really excited about. I remember seeing the course in the first couple of weeks of my undergraduate course, Digital Media and Society, and thinking it must have been made for me!

Having worked in marketing for three years before beginning my undergraduate degree, and having loved the Management School’s marketing modules that were offered on my course, studying a masters in Creative and Cultural Industries Management (CCIM) felt like the perfect next step.

I was constantly given the opportunity to be creative

The CCIM programme combined everything that I am passionate about - theatre, entertainment, history, arts, travel and marketing - in an academic setting. I loved how practical the seminars and assessments were, and felt like I was constantly given the opportunity to be creative while learning and growing.

Being able to align my studies with my interests and career goals during the programme was invaluable

In the first semester, we did a group marketing project in which we had to analyse the marketing strategy of a creative business of our choice. As we were all fans of film and television, my group chose Disney+ as our focus and developed a strong knowledge of marketing in the entertainment industry and SVOD markets.

When I applied to my current role in marketing at ZOO Digital, a localisation service provider for the entertainment industry, the project helped me to demonstrate my understanding of the industry and the execution of marketing activities within it. I have always wanted to work in the arts and entertainment, and the fact that we were empowered to learn about companies, industries and topics of our choice has helped me to do just that.

The societies I joined allowed me to further develop my skills

Alongside my degree, the societies I joined allowed me to further develop my skills while celebrating my passions and helping others. I was able to design publicity materials for the theatre societies, and was Head of Publicity. I was also President for Platform Society, a group that organised creative arts events to raise money for Cavendish Cancer Care. These roles aligned perfectly with my studies, interests and existing experience, and I truly believe that anyone could find the same at Sheffield Students’ Union.

Jazz Bovill in a large conservatory surrounded by pot plants.

 I started working at ZOO Digital in January 2022 and two months later, I was promoted to Digital Marketing Manager

After I completed my masters, I began to look for a full-time marketing role that would combine my qualification, experience and interest in the arts and entertainment. In January 2022, I started working for ZOO Digital as Content Marketing Executive. In March 2022, I was then promoted to Digital Marketing Manager, and have been overseeing social media, content creation, email marketing, blogging, website, presentations, primers and more for our target clients since then. My favourite part of the job is researching, planning and executing multi-faceted campaigns, then analysing the results achieved through the activity that the team and I coordinated.

I feel so proud to be working in an industry that I'm so passionate about

I have been so fortunate to do so many amazing things in my career so far. Gaining promotion after three months working at ZOO Digital was one of my biggest achievements. I have also been lucky enough to work on a huge range of wonderful projects during my time at the company.

I have developed influential presentations and documents for major Hollywood studios, submitted winning entries for industry awards, attended and promoted key events in localisation and entertainment, and worked with incredible people to create content about dubbing, technology, education, culture and beyond.

Jazz Bovill

MSc Creative and Cultural Industries Management alumna

Most of all, I feel so proud to be working in an industry that I’m so passionate about, which may not have been possible without my postgraduate course.

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