Mr Dimitris Georgantzis Garcia


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Mr Dimitris Georgantzis Garcia
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
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Dimitris is a Mathematician and Physicist (MSci, Mathematics and Physics, University of Glasgow). Through his studies, he developed a deep understanding of pure and applied mathematics, theoretical models and the importance of experimental methods. During his Master's project he worked with a team of academics, resulting in the publication of their work. This gave rise to his current love for academic research. Parallel to his studies, Dimitris developed a growing interest in understanding the environmental impact that human societies have and the research of possible solutions to the unsustainable use of natural resources implied by our current economies. As an Early Stage Researcher, Dimitris is based at SEERC in Thessaloniki, Greece. His research focuses on the study of consumer behaviour in the context of sustainability and the transition towards a Circular Economy.


MSc, Mathematics and Physics (joint), University of Glasgow

Research interests

Dimitris' research interests currently focus on the understanding of (actual) sustainable consumer behaviour and its antecedents. In developing said understanding he draws from research streams such as consumer behaviour (marketing), social psychology and microeconomics, as well as, experimental economics, game theory and institutional theory.


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