Mr Ignacio Perez Sepulveda

BSc (Hons), MSc

Management School

Doctoral Researcher

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Mr Ignacio Perez Sepulveda
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
Conduit Road
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I am passionate about helping people and organisations to create positive work environments that allow them to achieve their goals. In this way, I have worked for the last seven years as a consultant, academic, and researcher on topics related to emotions and motivation at work, workers' well-being, and team processes and performance. During my work, I noted that information and communication technologies are instrumental in the achievement of work teams' goals. However, I also realised that there is a significant gap of knowledge about how these technologies affect the various processes of work teams. Nowadays, this is extremely relevant since the COVID-19 pandemic has largely increased the use of these technologies. This way, my main doctoral studies' objective is to understand the impact that the use of different communication and information technologies has on the development of positive links and relationships between team members.

Finally, during my professional career, I have also specialised in the use of quantitative research methodologies - specifically, in the use of various statistical analyses, such as exploratory and confirmatory factorial analyses; inter-rater agreement analyses; moderation, and mediation models; structural equation models; among others.


MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

BSc in Psychology - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Research interests
  • Use of information and communication technologies in teams
  • Virtual teams and team virtuality
  • Teamwork: team processes and emergent states
  • Emotions at work and teams' affective tones

Conference proceedings papers


Holder of a PhD scholarship from the Chilean Government (ANID)

Professional activities and memberships

I have worked as an academic and researcher in work and organisational psychology and specifically in organisational behaviour and related topics, such as leadership and teamwork, motivation and emotions in work contexts, and managing work performance.