Academic life here is rich and exciting!

Wei Zhang, PhD student - MGT
Wei Zhang
Sheffield University Management School
PhD researcher
Wei was working in financial services in the USA before she decided to enhance her finance and accounting knowledge by undertaking a research degree at Sheffield University Management School.
Wei Zhang, PhD student - MGT

After I completed my masters degree in the United States, I was an intern for a Member of Congress and participated in activities held by the Chamber of Commerce to learn more about financial service in the USA. I then joined State Street, a financial services company, where I was working for a number of years.

My job at State Street requires an in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance and I wanted to enrich my knowledge in these areas to an advanced level. A PhD seemed like the obvious choice for me.

Knowledgeable, engaged staff

I started to research universities and Sheffield University Management School stood our because of its Triple Crown accreditation and first-class academics. As a research student, it’s important to work with people who are as passionate about your subject as you. The academic staff here are engaged in interesting, current research. Moreover, they have helped to introduce me to the latest ideas and theories in my field. Academic life here is rich and exciting!

Structured support

I love the independence of doctoral research but I have also enjoyed the module ‘Doctoral Training in Management’. This course is made up of different workshops run by different staff members. I like how the workshops are targeted on key milestone in the PhD journey such as the confirmation review or thesis writing. It is great to have this guidance as part of my research degree.

It is a great comfort to know that if I get stuck, there is support available from my supervisors. Their advice is so valuable and a massive help!

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